Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy Release Day! He’s Captured My Heart by Karen Frances

Genre:   Contemporary Romance
Release Day:  January 28, 2015

Like any dutiful Scottish daughter, Libby Stewart puts her family first. She’s spent months helping her brother, a single father, care for his new daughter. The strain of her family commitments led to the painful demise of a two-year relationship. As Libby nurses her broken heart and relishes time with her niece, her father offers her a job managing his hotel. She’s ready to focus on her career and get her life back on track.

Alexander Mathews, a handsome American businessman who is staying at the hotel, has other plans for Libby. She’s taken aback when she meets Alex. He strikes her as arrogant and domineering, but regardless, the sexual tension between them is palpable. Libby fancies herself a good girl, but Alex quickly seduces her. Libby finds she is soon addicted to the passion she feels in Alex’s skillful hands.

Libby has never been so confused. Who is Alex Mathews, really? An international playboy, or truly the man of her dreams? When a confrontation with her ex-boyfriend turns violent and she questions Alex’s loyalty to her, Libby must decide if she wants to let this charismatic stranger from across the pond truly capture her heart.

“Hello? Excuse me?”
Stephen and I both turn towards the gym door to see a man standing there. Stephen gives me a quick kiss on the cheek. “I’ll catch you later, Libby,” he says as he walks towards the man. He looks vaguely familiar. He must be a member. Stephen talks to him for a moment and then points over at me. The man starts walking towards me.
Please don’t let this be another unhappy guest. I can’t cope with two in one day. Although I’d stand a better chance, maybe, at charming this one. He’s nearer my age and very pleasant on the eyes.
“Miss Stewart, I believe?” he says, reaching out his hand.
“Yes.” I shake the man’s hand. Suddenly I’m feeling nervous. There’s something about his touch that is electrifying, that sends shivers all down my spine. I try to pull my hand from his grip, but it won’t move, or rather, he won’t let it go.
“I am your ‘grumpy American,’ Alexander Mathews,” he says in a rather conservative tone.
Good god. I want the ground to open and swallow me whole. Why can’t I keep my big mouth shut? He still has a very firm grip of my hand as he stares at me. God, why is he still holding it? And why the hell do I recognise him? He really looks so familiar that I wonder if I’ve met him before. Maybe if I saw him with my father, I would remember.
I can’t seem to take my eyes off the fascinating man standing in front of me. I keep telling myself it’s rude to stare, but I can’t help it.
“Miss Stewart, are you okay? You seem a bit distracted,” he asks.
He’s noticed. Distracted—good choice of word. Can I make him think that it’s not him that’s distracting me? Such soft brown eyes…still looking at me. Does he know what I’m thinking? I feel drawn to him, as if something is pulling me in. My breathing is all over the place, I feel a bit light-headed, and my legs are shaky—and not just because of the running.
“Just a bit dizzy. Must be from running,” I mutter. Pull yourself together, girl.
He lets go of my hand and places his very softly on my shoulder. With his other hand, he guides the bottle of water I’m holding up to my mouth. His eyes remain fixed on mine. His hand is warm and soft.
“Drink.” It sounds more like an order than a request.
As I take a long drink of water, I close my eyes, hoping and praying I can have a bit more composure when I open them; I really don’t want to fall at this man’s feet. Not yet, anyway. When I open my eyes, he’s smiling at me.
The man in front of me definitely doesn’t look like the grumpy American I had pictured in my head. That vision has long gone. Instead I see a man who is young, maybe a few years older than I am, handsome, and a bit rough round the edges. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy look this good in a suit. Although I think his body would look so much better without it on. I can’t believe I am standing in front of a tall, lean, handsome stranger and already imagining him naked. I wonder if the body inside the suit matches the image running through my mind.
I shake myself. You are stronger than this. Get a grip, girl. He’s only a man. But such a fine specimen of a man.

I live just outside Glasgow, Scotland with my husband of seventeen years and our, sometimes delightful, five children. My busy days include helping my husband manage the family business, while the kids take up the majority of the time, schools runs, parties and all the various sports clubs they attend. I find escape from the chaos of everyday life in good books, particularly stories of passionate romantic relationships.  Let’s face it we all dream of the happily ever after’s.
For as far back as I can remember I have devoted my time to my family and for that I wouldn’t change a thing, but whilst thinking what I wanted to do for me, I had this niggling feeling to write, but pushed it to the back of my mind, for a good few months. Several months later and it was still there along with the names Elizabeth and Alexander, so thought I have nothing to lose so why not give it a go. Never in a million years when I started writing He’s Captured My Heart, a tale of contemporary erotic romance set in Scotland, did I think I would actually finish it, never mind do anything with it.

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Unknown said...

I guess 16 or something like that, but it was a teenage love, not that true one can't live without each other kind of love.

Alexandra Ioana said...

Ce draguta e inimioara de pe coperta :X

Unknown said...

Ce concept frumos are acea copertă. Transmite senzații plăcute celui care o vede.

Unknown said...

Aşa e. <3 dar trebuia roşu şi pe spate în afară de acel "W". Acest book jacket nu arată la fel de bine ca şi coperta.

Adela C. said...

Ce superficiala pare protagonista dupa fragmentul asta...

Unknown said...

Deci nu a inceput cu bine, nu Adela?

Nikolina said...

12 or 13 I think... lol

Betul E. said...

never fallen in love yet (besides my book boyfriends)

Unknown said...

imi place coperta si cam atat

Si soarele e o stea

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