Review Policy

If you are an author, publisher or publicist and you want us to review or promote your book (novella or series), let us know, we would love to help! Also, we would be honored to participate in blog tours or to host author interviews, giveaways and/or guest posts. 
Genres we prefer: 

-Contemporary Romance (Young Adult/New Adult/Adult) 
-Young Adult (of any kind); 
-Historical Fiction; 
-Urban Fantasy; 
-Paranormal Romance; 
-Dystopian/ Post-Apocalyptic 


We are not professional reviewers, but we do our best to express our honest opinion about the books we read. We like to talk about our thoughts and feelings about the novels, so we can't always guarantee positive reviews. When we don't enjoy the books as much as we thought we would, we always try our best to talk about their good parts and to describe what (and why) they didn't work for us in such a way, that our readers can draw their own conclusions about whether or not the books would be a better fit for them. 

Included in reviews: 

-Book cover 
-Author & Publication details 
-Link to Goodreads 
-Summary (usually from Goodreads) 
-Our thoughts about the book
-Links to purchase the book 
-Author information (website, blog, Twitter, Facebook etc.) 

Our rating system: 

5 (Amazing!) to 1 (Didn't Work for Me) stars. 

Unless you state otherwise, we will post the review as close to the publication date as possible.
We also post the reviews on and


Because the genres we love the most are quite new on the market in Romania, we will be happy to promote your books here in any way we can - the more books we can see on our bookstores bookshelves and the more Romanian fellows we get to talk to about them, the better. 

We accept printed copies, eBooks, ARCs, eARCs or finished copies.

If you decide to send to one of us a book to review, please include the title, the author, a synopsis and a link to the publisher and/or to Goodreads. 

Thank you for considering us and we are looking forward to hearing from you! 

Bibliophile Mystery Team 
Cristina, Bonnie and Andra

 You can contact us by e-mail at:, and you can always find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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