Friday, March 8, 2013

Cover Reveal: Coffee and Cockpits by Jade Hart

 Coffee and Cockpits by Jade Hart
Publication date: March 2013
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

By day, Nina Poppins is a professional flight attendant, who lives to travel, and isn’t afraid to chase her dreams. By night, she’s an award winning salsa dancer who wears sexy corsets and garter belts. She keeps her two lives separate, and none of her colleagues suspect that cool, demure Nina has a hot, spicy side.

Liam Mikin is a co-pilot who can get any air-hostess he wants with one blazing look of his blue eyes, and he wants Nina. He knows her secrets and is determined to win her affections.

Nikolai Rivers is an aircraft engineer who can dance as well as Nina and enjoys getting hot and heavy with her on the dance floor. But frustration chafes him at being held at arm’s length. However, his opportunity to break her exterior comes when an airplane malfunctions on a flight to Samoa, stranding all the crew on the Pacific island indefinitely.

Liam and Nikolai see each other as a challenge and start a race to be the first to earn Nina’s attention, but what they didn’t count on was the consequences of being island-wrecked, or the problems that come with fighting for the same girl...

About the author:
Jade Hart is a self-confessed book worm who is happiest glued to a lap-top with an eternal battery life and typing up stories running rampant in her head.

Her three favorite things are:
1. Unlimited books on an Ebook Reader
2. Cracking the sugar on a creme brulee
3. Bunny rabbits

Jade currently resides in Middle-Earth, but has lived in Australia, England, and Hong Kong and uses her many travel experiences as muses for her work.

Author Links:
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Anonymous said...

ete ...assta nu imi place pare ca e un model ce fotografiaza pentru o revista ..neh

Crina|| booktwist_ said...

Coperta nu-mi place, insa descrierea suna destul de ok.

andra lavander said...

primul lucru care mi-a sarut in ochi este culoarea parului autoarei, destul de socanta coluare. descrierea este interesanta, exista scoli pentru orice: vampiri, varcolaci, ingeri cazuti, de ce nu si pentru cei morti?

Anonymous said...

da ..dar nu sunt deja ..adica cred ca in acea serie numita pe jumatate moarta si moarta sau inviata .Da ar fi dragut sa fie si o scoala pentru cei morti ..doar ca vampirii atrag mai mult ..oricum sunt multe creaturi mitologice prezentate si expue destul de interesant facand sa para inredibil de sexi si hot ..

Cristinab said...

de pe coperta imi plac muult incaltarile tipei :)

nu as citit cartea, dar m-as uit la un film adaptat.

Unknown said...

nu am mai auzit de cartea asta. nu stiu ce sa zic de ea

Unknown said...

da kriss asa e. mie imi place cand vad personaje mitologice in povesti pentru ca mereu am fost fascinata de aceste zeitati si de atributiile pe care le aveau

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