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Spotlight & Giveaway The Never Letting Go Series by S. Moose


Losing my best friend was the worst feeling in the world. I always wondered what she was doing and how she was doing but I never went after her. I never took the time to find out how she was doing and that broke my heart into a million pieces. Not only did I lose my best friend but I lost the love of my life.

Now, four years later, I am back in North Carolina and find myself longing to see her smile and feel her touch.

One day, she finally sees me and our eyes connect. The connection is still there. She can still make me weak at the knees and she still holds my heart and soul.

Things are different. She is dating my teammate Kyle and I hate him. Not for dating my Sophia but for being the worst person imaginable. But I vow to make her mine again. Welcome to my mind and life. My story about finally seeing Sophia again and how I will always be holding onto her.

Adam and Sophia were best friends but when tragedy strikes it's more than Adam can handle and he leaves Sophia alone in the dark. 

Four years later, Adam and Sophia are reunited and the sparks between them return but is it too late? 

Sophia is happy again and has let go of the darkness. She has great friends and a sweet boyfriend name Kyle. Now that Adam is back how will she be able to balance her boyfriend and her best friend? 

The darkness always finds you again but will Adam be able to save her or leave her again? 

Next to Forever is the final book in the Never Letting Go series and can be read as a stand-alone. Characters from the previous books will appear but this is Erin and Connor's story. 

The past will always come back to haunt you and hidden truths are uncovered, as darkness looms over the lives of Erin and Connor on their journey to forever. 

Filled with love and happiness, as well as a baby and a wedding on the way, Erin and Connor seem to have it all -until life throws them a twist. 

As tragedy strikes, Erin and Connor have to make one of the toughest decisions in their lives. 

Will they have their happily ever after or will they have to say goodbye forever?

Holding Onto You

I move in and out her. “Sophia. Pretty girl. Look at me.”

She does. Our eyes are connected like our souls. I lean down and nibble on her ear down to her neck. I know she loves me doing this to her as she holds me down to her body and moves her hips with mine. She clenches herself around my cock and I can’t hold it in anymore. 

“I love you, Adam.”

My eyes shot open. “What the hell?” I slowly sat up and realized my sheets were wet. I looked down and started laughing, “Nice. Coming in my sleep.”

Reaching Out For You

“Please make love to me Adam. I’m yours forever.” I slowly start kissing his lips and cheeks while playing with his hair. This feels so good and I can feel my body moving with his. All of my fears thrown out the window-it’s just us. I have wanted this for so long. 

Adam grabs my ass and picks me up. I wrap my legs around his waist and hold on. “Oh sweetheart, I love you.” 

“I love you too.” My voice is breathy. This is it. This is what I have been waiting for. I feel his body against mine. My arms are around his neck and I nibble on his ear. He runs his fingers through my hair and gently pulls. I look up at him as he stares at me. 

Next to Forever

Out of nowhere, Sophia drops her fries and her mouth hangs open. “Soph?” Her eyes grow wide and I wonder what she’s looking at. Vander and I turn around and suddenly I feel my world rock. How can Connor do this to me? The tears threaten my eyes and my heart beats a million beats a second. Vander holds my shoulders but I push him away and get up from the table. Marching over to my idiot fiancé and his whore, my fists are clench at my side and I’m ready to raise hell. “Connor! What the fuck?”

His eyes open and he lets go of Olivia. She turns around and smiles at me. Why is this bitch smiling at me? This isn’t a fucking social call. “Erin, it’s so good to see you.”

Everything in me screams to punch this bitch in the face and break that ugly fake nose. “Bitch, get your STD infested hands off my fiancé and back the fuck up.” I push her away and get in Connor’s face. “How could you?” He’s speechless and doesn’t answer me. “Oh no you asshole! Tell me now! Why are you with Olivia?”

  1. Saoching Moose, writing as S.Moose, is a contemporary romance and suspense author living in Webster, NY. She debut as an author on June 7, 2013 with Reaching Out For You. She lives with her lovable and supportive husband.
A 2011 graduate from St. John Fisher College, S.Moose loves to read and write. When she’s not in her writing cave, you can find her hanging out with her amazing family and friends.

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