Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Excerpt & Giveaway FIENDISH PLAY by Angela Richardson

Release date:  14th April 2014
Genre:  New Adult Romance
When James Riley transfers to Cloverley University, he is instantly on the radar of the most elusive secret society on campus, the Lappell. James is an artist. A loner. A free thinker. He doesn't believe in secret societies and wants nothing to do with them. That is, until everything changes. Until he meets her. Anais. The girl who changes it all. The girl who makes him willing to do whatever it takes to own her heart. But the deeper he falls in love, the deeper he sinks into the secret society that has a hold of her. And the further he gets caught up in their world, the more he scrapes the edges about a past he knew nothing about. James has no idea how much of his life is a part of a story that once broke down the walls of the Lappell, many years ago. Who can he trust when love and lies collide? 

This is James’s story. The spin off story to the PIECES OF LIES trilogy. Can be read as a standalone series. 

Fiendish Play is new adult romance. It will be part of a two book series and contains some mature sexual content.

What the f*** was going on here? I moved closer, brushing along the leaves, making a rustling sound. Her head lifted up from off her chest hearing the noise I had made. It was then that I saw her face for the first time. I swallowed back something lodged in my throat. Amongst my need to get closer and help, I was completely thrown by her beauty which made my body instantly react. I had to force myself to breathe, even consciously telling my brain to swallow down a breath so I wouldn’t pass out from loss of air. I had never had this type of reaction from seeing a girl before. Perhaps it was because I was trying to make sense of the urgent situation she was in, but the smarter, more logical side of my brain told me something different. It told me that my inability to use my body like a normal person had something to do with my heart constricting and my pulse racing at the sight of those big brown eyes that were red and glossy with pained emotion. That, and the fact I was drawn irresistibly to her pale skin against her chocolate-brown hair. Just the look on her innocent face screamed at me for an escape. Her image had grounded me like nothing I had ever known. It was scary. It was beautiful. She looked like a fallen angel in the moonlight. Then she did something which moved me into immediate action. She mouthed the words ‘help me’.
JAMES - Fiendish Play

I live in North Queensland, Australia, and I’m married with two beautiful children who rule my world. I was a nineties teen princess who grew up loving grunge rock, Tarantino, feminism and free thinking. I live for coffee, wine and cheese, music and movies. I enjoy reading anything that's dark and edgy, but is still romantic and shows lots of originality.  Romance, angst, adventure and melancholia feed my writing obsession. 

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