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Review! Killing Sarai, In the Company of Killers #1, by J.A. Redmerski

Sarai was only fourteen when her mother uprooted her to live in Mexico with a notorious drug lord. Over time she forgot what it was like to live a normal life, but she never let go of her hope to escape the compound where she has been held for the past nine years.

Victor is a cold-blooded assassin who, like Sarai, has known only death and violence since he was a young boy. When Victor arrives at the compound to collect details and payment for a hit, Sarai sees him as her only opportunity for escape. But things don’t go as planned and instead of finding transport back to Tucson, she finds herself free from one dangerous man and caught in the clutches of another.

While on the run, Victor strays from his primal nature as he succumbs to his conscience and resolves to help Sarai. As they grow closer, he finds himself willing to risk everything to keep her alive; even his relationship with his devoted brother and liaison, Niklas, who now like everyone else wants Sarai dead.

As Victor and Sarai slowly build a trust, the differences between them seem to lessen, and an unlikely attraction intensifies. But Victor’s brutal skills and experience may not be enough in the end to save her, as the power she unknowingly holds over him may ultimately be what gets her killed.

This is their story…

         My thoughts ...

Wow! I loved it. The only J.A. Redmerski books I’ve read were The Edge of Never and The Edge of Always but this is something else entirely. 

After reading the synopsis you might think this is just another story about human trafficking and girls sold as sex slaves. Nothing you haven’t read before, right? Well, you’d be wrong.

Sarai is not a sex slave. Not really. When she was fourteen, her mother took her to Mexico where she lived as a mistress to a drug lord for the past nine years. Yes, the guy does buy girls and sells them but Sarai is not to be touched. By no one.

Her life in the compound hasn’t been that hard but it hasn’t been pleasant either. She might be the boss’s mistress but the things she’s seen and heard had left a mark. She’ll never again be the girl she was before.

Trying to run away with Victor seemed like the best idea but he’s not what she expected. He’s a paid killer who has no intention of helping her, so Sarai’s perfect plan of escape turns into a deadly game and she becomes a pawn in his plan.

In the days they spend together, a bond develops between them. One that’s not easy to understand. That bond could be easily misinterpreted if you don’t pay attention to details. The problem is that Victor has been trained to kill people since he was nine and he doesn’t have feelings. And he doesn’t do relationships.

Sarai is not exactly a normal young woman either.

He can’t bring himself to kill her even when he knows he has to, and she can’t stay away from him.

Their twisted personalities are not the only impediments. Much, much more is at stake. And while the attraction is there, Victor knows, as well as Sarai, that they could very easily end up dead. This book doesn’t focus so much on the subject of human trafficking. It’s much more complex than that. While the subject isn’t totally inexistent, you’ll find yourselves thrown in the world of paid assassins. A world that has it’s own rules, it’s own secrets. A world where a wrong word or a wrong action can get you killed in an instant.

Jessica did a great job with this book. Since I’m not familiar with her other books except the Edge series, I think she managed to pull it off wonderfully, given that this is a new subject for her, a new writing style. To be completely honest, I liked Killing Sarai more than the Edge and now I regret postponing it for so long. Looks like I’m getting addicted to the dark genre, as long as it’s well written and original. Do I recommend it? Yes, absolutely. You have to give it a chance.

Happy Reading!

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