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Blog Tour! Guest Post and Giveaway London Falling by T.A. Foster

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: January 8, 2014

It’s London’s senior year and she only needs one class to graduate. She just didn’t expect her final assignment: fall in love.

Communication 224 has a reputation for giving out the most unique projects of the semester. When London James and Beau Anderson signed up for the class they had no idea they would be paired up together, much less spend an entire semester working on their final grade.

Professor Garcia tasks them to produce a study on the hit reality show, Love Match, a show about strangers falling in love on over the top dates. London and Beau decide to debunk the popular show’s fantasy portrayal of romance. Determined they can date the entire semester and not fall for each other, the classmates share blogs about their dates and start a website where everyone can follow their dating experiment. Resisting their growing attraction for one another is harder than they thought.

London is in for the toughest class of her college career. The headstrong and success-driven student discovers there might be more important things in life than an A.

Top Ten Dating Tips
It seems fitting that since there are ten dates in London Falling that for this top ten, I talk about dating. I didn’t marry my college sweetheart or even my quarter-life crisis flame so I have a few years of dating successes and disasters under my belt. Hopefully, someone will benefit from all of the things I learned in my dating twenties.

1.      Dress up This is an absolute must. Whether or not you’re trying to be casual or play it cool for your date, you want to look and feel good. It’s ok if he knows you’re trying to look cute. Go for it!
2.      Prep for awkward silence I’ll reference the scene in Bridget Jones’s Diary when Bridget researches Chechnya for her potential date with Daniel Cleaver. In case you and your date have nothing in common and you want to avoid the cricket silence that could descend upon you, scan the headlines for the day: news, sports, and entertainment. There’s bound to be at least one topic you can discuss over blue soup.
3.      Try something new Maybe you’ve never been bowling and the thought of wearing rented shoes freaks you out, but you might have a strike up your sleeve you didn’t know existed. If he asks you to do something out of your comfort zone, give it a try. New experiences can be a way to learn something about each other and yourself.
4.      Be considerate Don’t forget you’re not the only one going out on a limb. Dating is nerve-wracking for everyone. Your date might need a few reassuring smiles every now and then too.
5.   Share something about yourself Don’t start with the story of your birth, but tell him something interesting about yourself. Opening up to other people can be scary, but it’s that part of dating that helps you figure out if there is something to build on.
6.    Have an out All dates are not shimmering with roses, candlelight, and magic. Make sure you have a prepared out in case it’s a Stage 9 Dating Disaster. Schedule one of your friends to call or text with a sick dog at a certain time, just in case. Be kind, but don’t suffer through something awful.
7.    Be authentic Don’t pretend to like things you don’t or you’ll end up duck hunting every Saturday morning in the freezing cold or watching hockey games five nights a week. Be open to new things, but don’t try to impress him with someone you’re not. It’s ok to have different interests—its doesn’t mean your incompatible.
8.   Ask questions I have seen this happen on so many dates—one person dominates the conversation. Ask questions. Find out what he likes.
9.     Be prepared for the end of the date One of the many advantages of being a girl is that we can carry purses. So use it! Add in your favorite lipgloss, gum, or breath mints before you meet your date. You don’t want to avoid a goodnight kiss because you weren’t prepared with all the essential breath savers.
10.  Have fun This is the most important on the list. Dating can be stressful and annoying, but it should be fun. Even the worst dates can turn into great writing material. Take it all in stride and have the time of your dating life!

T.A. Foster is a Southern girl whose heart and spirit are connected to the beach. She grew up catching rays and chasing waves along the North Carolina Outer Banks and now resides in the state with her adventurous pilot husband, two children and two canine kiddos. 

Her long love affair with books started at an early age, and as soon as she was able, she transformed imaginative stories into words on paper. Time Spell is T.A.’s debut novel, and the first in a series about a very adventurous, clever, and magical girl named Ivy.

T.A. has an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a graduate degree in Educational Psychology from Texas A&M University. When she’s not chasing her two-legged and four-legged children or trying to escape for date night, you can find her reading, writing or planning her next beach trip.

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