Friday, November 1, 2013

Book Blitz! Lessons Learned by Jillian Neal

Genre: New Adult Urban Fantasy
Release Date: October 30, 2013

One, breathtakingly hot, passion-filled, night ignites a fire in his soul. Everything in his world should be nothing short of perfection…but he is Rainer Lawson.

His wild evening with Emily is the Realm’s front-page story. Could he have lost the respect of the man that has been like a father to him? Could his family’s hard-earned fortune really dissolve before his very eyes?

Evil rapidly cinches its chokehold, and everything his father fought and died for threatens to implode. Rainer attempts to protect those that he loves and satisfy the fiery passions between he and Emily, but everything in his world is spinning wildly out of control. His desire to prove himself could very well be his undoing.

Sometimes the best of intentions are not enough, but perhaps it is the trials by fire that make the man. Steel sharpens steel, and the passions burn white hot in “Lessons Learned.”


“Could I maybe get a dance, Miss Haydenshire?” Rainer quizzed flirtatiously.
Emily giggled.
“I thought you’d never ask.” Rainer led her onto the dance floor and spun her into his arms. The slow sultry tones of the island band, the lanai lit by Tiki torches, and strung orbed lights, that Nathan had set to glow different colors, gave the entire evening a warm island feel.
Rainer twirled Emily around the dance floor and whispered how much he loved her as he slid his hand further down her back.
“Watch your hands there, Mr. Lawson.” Governor Haydenshire teased as he danced Mrs. Haydenshire beside Rainer and Emily.
“Yes sir,” Rainer moved his hand back up instantly which made everyone laugh. Logan cut in, and Rainer danced with Adeline. He took a break and got he and Emily some punch, while Governor Haydenshire danced with Emily. He set the punch back at their table as the song neared its end. Rainer edged back onto the dance floor towards Emily and her father.
“Can I cut in?”
“No,” Governor Haydenshire quipped. Emily laughed heartily.
“Aww, please Daddy. He’s really cute.” Governor Haydenshire shook his head with a wistful grin.
“I never have been very good at telling you ‘no.’” He kissed Emily’s cheek and handed her back to Rainer.
A slight breeze picked up as the night wore on, and Rainer felt a chill as the hair on the back of his neck stood. He took in the guests as they laughed, danced, and all enjoyed the party,
Suddenly everything shifted. Emily froze on the dance floor. She shivered and clung to Rainer.
“Em, what’s wrong?” Rainer panicked. He searched the area frantically as Emily’s hands flew to her head. She shook her head. The black energy was too close. She could hardly breathe. One of the wait staff was handing Mrs. Haydenshire a cup of punch.
Then as Emily hushed, “Rainer there’s someone here that’s not supposed to be. I feel them.” Rainer watched as Vindico’s eyes goggled and he shoved two men out of his way. He knocked the glass from Mrs. Haydenshire’s hand just as she’d taken a small sip. It shattered on the tiled floor.
“That’s, Vasquez!” He shouted to Rainer and Logan. He threw his arm out to the member of the wait staff that was fleeing the scene. They hadn’t recognized him in the catering disguise complete with hat and glasses.

Jillian Neal is a New Adult author with a passion for passion. She tells strong character driven novels told from the male perspective. Her guys aren’t afraid to let us inside their minds or inside their bedrooms. Young love comes to life inside the author’s Realm along with sinister crime fighting, mixed in with a hearty dose of family. The engaging adventures will stretch your mind and keep you coming back for more.

Jillian lives outside of Atlanta with her husband, and children.

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