Wednesday, May 25, 2011

REVIEW: Memories of You by Bobbie Cole

This is a fast paced, very good romantic suspense I couldn’t put down from the beginning to the end.
Charlie Vargas is a cold case detective with a bit of a broken heart, because her lover vanished several months ago. In addition to solving a murder case, her goal is to find what happened to Seth.
Then, one day, the phone rings and she hears Seth’s voice at the other end of the line. The stranger says his name is Mason Alridge and the only thing he remembers after losing his memory in a car accident almost a year ago is this phone number…hers. He doesn’t have any physical resemblance to Seth, except for his eyes’ color and there’s also something in his way of acting, his tastes, that calls her memories.
The two of them try to find out what happened putting together the small pieces that they have and on the way starts the romance, totally new for Mason, rekindled for Charlie.
I liked Mason/Seth a lot, his awkward acting seemed lovely to me. Both Charlie and him are hesitant in starting a relationship before this mystery is solved.
The story could have been longer, that’s the only thing I can complain about. The end happened quickly and lacked some details, but overall this is a good suspense.
 I recommend it for those who like mystery/thriller and romantic suspense books.


Andreea said...

Interesanta cartea.Felicitari pentru recenzie:*

Unknown said...

Multumim pentru recenzie si recomandare. Imi place ca Bobbie Cole a reusit sa realizeze un roman imbinand thrillerul cu romantismul

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