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O noua serie de Lilith Saintcrow - Hedgewitch

Vianne di Rocancheil is a lady waiting at the Court of Arquitaine, where she studies her books, watches for intrigue, and shepherds her foolhardy Princesse through the glittering whirl. Court is a sometimes-unpleasant waltz, especially for the unwary, but Vianne treads its measured steps well.

Unfortunately, the dance has changed. Treachery is afoot in gilded and velvet halls. A sorcerous conspiracy is unleashed, with blood, death, and warfare close behind. Vianne must flee, carrying the Great Seal of Arquitaine with her. This is the one thing the conspirators need to rule, and they won’t rest until they have it. A life of dances, intrigues, and fashion has not prepared Vianne for this. Nor has it prepared her for Tristan d’Arcenne, Captain of the King’s Guard and player in the most dangerous games conspiracy can devise. Yet to save her country and avenge her Princesse, Vianne will become what she must and do whatever is required.

A Queen can do no less.
Expected publication: December 1st 2011 by Orbit
Book two
Kindle Edition
Expected publication: June 1st 2012 by Orbit


Cititorul lunii noiembrie

Dupa cum vedeti Cristina mi-a pasat sarcina de a desemna/anunta castigatorul lunii. 
Dupa ce ne-am facut socotelile pentru perioada traditional incarcata de cadouri, am decis sa alegem 2 castigatori dupa numarul de comentarii (primii doi) si alti 2 pentru activitate in general.
Alegerea celor doi dupa numarul de comentarii a fost usor pentru ca primii doi se afla la o distanta considerabila unul fata de celalalt si impreuna fata de ceilalti. Acestia sunt:
Larisa - Jocul minciunii oferita de editura LEDA  - Nici moarta nici maritata
E, la alesul celor doi pentru "premiul juriului" a fost mult mai greu. Sunteti multi care meritati sa fiti premiati si in timp speram si vrem (si o vom face) sa va multumim tuturor, sa va premiem pe toti (nu stiu de ce nu folosesc direct femininul... poate din obisnuinta sau poate ca inca sper sa atragem si baietii). Pe scurt, alesii lui noiembrie sunt:
Mirela - Amintirile Vraciului oferita de editura LEDA
Nyx - Amintirile Vraciului oferita de editura LEDA
 Felicitari si nu disperati, toti veti fi premiati! (Hmm, fac si rime)

Nu uitati sa ne trimiteti datele de contact (adresa completa si numele)

Maine incepe urmatorul concurs lunar dar si un concurs ce are ca premiu DIVERGENT oferita tot de editura noastra preferata, LEDA! Va asteptam!


Shaedes of Gray (Shaede Assassin #1) by Amanda Bonilla

In the shadows of the night, Darian has lived alone for almost a century. Made and abandoned by her former love, Darian is the last of her kind—an immortal Shaede who can slip into darkness as easily as breathing. With no one else to rely on, she has taught herself how to survive, using her unique skills to become a deadly assassin.

When Darian's next mark turns out to be Xander Peck, King of the Shaede Nation, her whole worldview is thrown into question. Darian begins to wonder if she's taken on more than her conscience will allow. But a good assassin never leaves a job unfinished...

Expected publication: December 6th 2011 by Signet

Fever or Highlander??? (ambele ale lui KMM)


The Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson

Aceasta e o serie pe care mi-am aruncat un ochi si care promite a fi extraordinara... La noi se gaseste la care are si librarie "offline", traditionala. Pentru ca seria are 10 volume, vi le voi prezenta aici doar pe primele trei.

 The vast Malazan Empire simmers with discontent, its subject states bled dry by interminable warfare and clashes with Anomander Rake, Lord of Moon’s Spawn, and the mysterious Tiste Andii. Even the imperial legions, long inured to the bloodshed, yearn for some respite. Yet the Empress’ rule remains absolute, enforced by her dread Claw assassins.

For Sergeant Whiskeyjack and his cynical squad of Bridgeburners, and for Tattersail, sole surviving sorceress of the Second Legion, the aftermath of the siege of Pale should have been a time to heal the still living and mourn the many
dead. The Empress has other ideas. However, it would appear the Empire is not the only player in this great game. A more sinister, shadowbound force is poised to make its first move.

Conceived and written on an epic scale, Gardens of the Moon is a breathtaking achievement — a novel in which grand design, a dark and complex mythology, wild and wayward magic and a host of enduring characters combine with thrilling, powerful storytelling to resounding effect.

In the vast dominion of Seven Cities, in the Holy Desert Raraku, the seer Sha'ik and her followers prepare for the long-prophesied uprising known as the Whirlwind. Unprecedented in size and savagery, this maelstrom of fanaticism and bloodlust will embroil the Malazan Empire in one of the bloodiest conflicts it has ever known, shaping destinies and giving birth to legends . . .
Set in a brilliantly realized world ravaged by dark, uncontrollable magic, this thrilling novel of war, intrigue and betrayal confirms Steven Eirkson as a storyteller of breathtaking skill, imagination and originality--a new master of epic fantasy.

 A terrifying force has emerged from the ravaged continent of Genabackis. Like a tide of corrupted blood, the Pannion Domin seethes across the land, devouring all who fail to heed the word of its prophet, the Pannion Seer. In its path stands an uneasy alliance: Dujek Onearm's Host and Whiskeyjack's veteran Brigdburners alongside old adversaries - the warlord Caladan Brood, Anomander Rake and his Tiste Andii. Outnumbered and mistrustful, they must get word to potential allies, including the Grey Swords, a mercenary brotherhood sword to defend the besieged city of Capustan at all costs.

But more ancient clans are gathering. In answer to some primal summons, the T'lan Imass have risen. For something malign threatens this world: the Warrens are poisoned and rumours abound of a god unchained and intent on revenge..

11/22/63 by Stephen King

The second of The 10 Best Books of 2011 (The NY Times)
In this brilliantly conceived tour de force, Stephen King—who has absorbed the social, political, and popular culture of his generation more imaginatively and thoroughly than any other writer—takes readers on an incredible journey into the past and the possibility of altering it.
Throughout his career, King has explored fresh ways to blend the ordinary and the supernatural. His new novel imagines a time portal in a Maine diner that lets an English teacher go back to 1958 in an effort to stop Lee Harvey Oswald and — rewardingly for readers — also allows King to reflect on questions of memory, fate and free will as he richly evokes midcentury America. The past guards its secrets, this novel reminds us, and the horror behind the quotidian is time itself. (The NY Times)

Oferte RAO

Citate Nici Moarta Nici Maritata

Moartea te pune pe gânduri. Reflectezi mai ales la momentele cand ai dat cu oistea-n gard sau la toate lucrurile pe care le-ai făcut(Betsy)

E foarte dificil sa iesi cu un tip care cheltuieste mai multi bani decat tine pe produse de îngrijire a parului. Unul caruia nu-i intalnesti niciodata privirea , fiindca e prea ocupat sa se uite in oglinda. Iar majoritatea sunt ca niste animale de prada, te  intorci sa-i care barmanului inca un pahar si cand ai revenit, te trezesti ca partenerul s-a apucat sa vrajeasca o alta papusica...sau s-o pipaie. Sau poate chiar pe chelner (Betsy)

Am ajuns la Hamton & Sons, intr-o slujba adventuroasa si periculoasa. Adventuroasa pentru ca rareori existau destui bani ca sa platim facturile companiei. Periculoasa pentru ca deseori ma temeam ca nu cumva sa cedez dorintei de a-mi sugruma seful, pentru ca apoi sa fiu arestata sub acuzatia de crima .Tripla crima, in cazul in care brokerii mi se puneau in cale(Betsy)

In mod evident, ma inselasem nu ma aflam in iad. Iadul nu era un coridor cu lambriuri din lemn cu o oglinda intr-un  capat si un sicriu in capatul opus. Era logic de ce aratam atat de respingator. Eram moarta. Tampitul ala de la volanul Pontiac-ului Aztek, in cardasie cu pisica mea, ma omorasera(Betsy)

- Parinte, trebuie sa ma ajuti, am exclamat
- Cu mare placere, numai ca eu nu sunt preot
- O sa ajung in iad, desi n-am facut nimic rau ca sa merit sa fiu blestemata.
- Domnisoara, ti-am spus eu nu sunt preot, sunt ingrijitorul bisericii catolice
- Nu-i nimic. merge si-asa. Ce-ai zice sa ma snopesti cu niste agheasma? Sau poate sa ma bati cu un crucifix pana mor, ori sa arunci in mine cu niste anafura?(Betsy si Ingrijitorul)

Bogatasii sunt congenital, niste nenorociti(Betsy)

L-am ridicat pe Nick si l-am carat la mine in camera ca pe o Scarlett blonda de sex masculin, in vreme ce eu jucam rolul de Rhett in varianta de vampir(Betsy)

- Eu sunt Betsy
- Betsy?
- Nu incepe. N-am ce face daca  sunt dotata cu puteri malefice si un prenume banal.
- Imi pare rau, atat doar ca....intelegi? Lista e suprarealista.
- Lista?
- Vampir, nemoarta, creatura diavoleasca a noptii, sete nestavilita, violatoare de Betsy?(Betsy si Marc)

- Eu sunt inscrisa in P.E.T.A
- Esti una dintre ei? Vai de mine. N-am stiut. Isuse, ce murdar ma simt! De ca nu m-ai zis?
- Nu te supara faptul ca sunt vampir, dar te deranjeaza cotizatia mea la P.E.T.A?
- Hei. una e sa fii sluga a lui Satan, cu asta ma puteam impaca, si alta e sa fii o iubitoare  de maimute pigmei...ihhhh! Am si eu mandria mea.(Betsy si Marc)

Thanks to Mirela

LA MULTI ANI! Andreelor si Andreilor

Voie buna,
S-aveti cate-n stele
si in luna!
Creştinismul  românilor este de sorginte apostolică iar aceasta i se datorează Sfântului Apostol Andrei, cel care i-a creştinat pe locuitorii ţinuturilor danubiano-pontice, fiind considerat şi ocrotitorul României. Astfel, ziua de 30 decembrie reprezintă pentru noi mai mult decât o mare sărbătoare a ortodoxiei. Fiind premergătoare Zilei Naţionale, Sfântul Andrei uneşte spiritual sărbătoarea Bise­ricii Ortodoxe Române cu sărbătoarea României. La noi, numele de Andrei sau Andreea este unul din cele mai des întâlnite.

Cărţile Sfinte spun că Sf. Apostol Andrei a fost frate cu Simon Petru, că erau originari din Betsaida, localitate situată pe malul Lacului Genezaret din provincia Galileea, în nordul Ţării Sfinte şi că erau erau pescari, asemenea tatălui lor, Iona. Conform Evangheliei Sf. Apostol Ioan, Sf. Andrei ar fi fost mai întâi ucenic al Proroocului Ioan Botezătorul, care l-ar fi îndrumat să-l urmeze pe Iisus din Nazaret. Spunându-i că l-a găsit pe Mesia, Andrei l-a dus şi pe fratele său, Petru, la Hristos Domnul. A fost numit "cel dintâi chemat" şi se spune că a primit puterea de a lega şi dezlega păcatele oamenilor. După Învierea Mântuitorului şi Pogorârea Duhului Sfânt, Apostolii au mai rămas câţiva ani la Ierusalim pentru a începe formarea Bisericii, iar la Sinodul Apostolic, care a avut loc în jurul anilor 49-50 d.Hr., s-au întâlnit şi au tras la sorţi pentru a decide încotro va merge fiecare. Sfântului Apostol Andrei i-a revenit Scytia (Dobrogea). La început Sf. Andrei l-a însoţit pe fratele său, Sf. Apostol Petru, prin Asia Mică, apoi a trecut în peninsula Balcanică prin teritoriul Turciei de azi, ajungând în Scytia, unde s-a oprit o bună vreme. Şi-a continuat apoi drumul până în sudul Rusiei, de unde s-a întors în Grecia, pentru a consolida comunităţile creştine înfiinţate de Sf. Apostol Pavel, ajungând până în Peloponezul grecesc. Acolo, în oraşul Patras, a fost martirizat, fiind răstignit pe o cruce în forma de X, cunoscută sub denumirea de "Crucea Sfântului Andrei". 

Din imaginarul popular
Despre Sfântul Apostol Andrei se povesteşte că a fost stăpânul animalelor sălbatice, că a fost cioban şi că de turma lui nu s-a atins nici un lup. De aceea, Dumnezeu l-a învoit să dea hrană lupilor şi, de ziua lui, să le îngăduie să mănânce vitele celor care "n-au păzit sărbătoarea".

I s-a spus "Apostolul Lupilor", denumire derivată din vechea denumire a dacilor, daoi, (lupi), dar şi de la animalul totem al acestora: lupul. Legendele spun că aceste animale au fost alături de daci la căderea Sarmizegetusei şi că cel care le era căpetenie l-ar fi ve­gheat pe Sf. Apostol Andrei prin pustia Dobrogei spre Peştera care i-a fost adăpost şi care acum îi poartă numele.

I se mai zice şi Andrei Pescarul pentru că "după cuvântul lui, nişte oameni care se necăjeau cu pescuitul au tras cu voloacele şi au prins peşte mult". (Th.D. Speranţia). Se povesteşte că, începând de atunci, de ziua lui se obişnuieşte să se mănânce peşte.
(articol preluat de pe

Obiceiuri populare în noaptea de Sf. Andrei

În noaptea premergătoare sărbătorii Sfîntului Andrei (29/30 noiembrie), în special la sate, se practică încă ritualuri ciudate, din credinţa că astfel se pot găsi mai uşor protecţia de toate relele, bunăstarea şi chiar dragostea. Vrăji de dragoste Cele mai multe ritualuri sînt dedicate atragerii iubirii. De pildă, prin ascunderea sub pernă a unui fir de busuioc sfinţit, se crede că se obţine în vis imaginea "ursitului". Pentru "atragerea" acestuia este mult folosită şi metoda "făcutului cu ulcica". La miezul nopţii, singură la gura sobei, tînăra întoarce cu gura în jos o ulcică nouă de lut, iar pe dosul vasului lasă sa pîlpîie trei cărbuni. În timp ce roteşte ulcica uşor, rosteşte o incantaţie menită a suscita o atracţie irezistibilă pentru cel iubit. O altă metodă folosită pentru cunoaşterea viitorului constă în a privi, la miezul nopţii, între două lumînări aprinse, într-un pahar cu apă neîncepută, aşezat pe cenuşă. În centrul paharului este lăsată să cadă o verighetă care a fost deja sfinţită de preot prin cununie religioasă şi se crede că în verighetă apare chipul ursitului, dacă este privită intens cîteva minute. Unele tinere mai încearcă să îşi vadă viitorul soţ la miez de noapte. Aşezate complet dezbrăcate între două oglinzi, în cameră întunecoasă, cu cîte o lumînare în fiecare mînă, încearcă să privească în oglinda din faţă pentru a vedea imagini reflectate din oglinda din spate. Se crede, şi unele persoane chiar au avut această iluzie, că prin faţa ochilor încep să se perinde scene de viaţă, că tînăra îşi vede viitorul soţ sau, în unele cazuri, că i se dezvăluie scene din viitor. Mistere lămurite Oricît de periculoase li se par unora spiritele care, zice-se, bîntuie în această noapte, meşterele în ale magiei spun că tocmai mesagerii întunericului pot fi puşi la treabă pentru a dezlega secretele. Există credinţa că în asemenea noapte magică se pot afla autorii unor crime sau furturi ori unde se află persoane ori bunuri dispărute fără urmă sau de unde a pornit o nenorocire abătută asupra unei case. Toată magia se desfăşoară în cimitir, în miez de noapte, aşa că puţini au nervii suficient de tari pentru a experimenta aşa ceva. Ingredientele sînt lumînări, apă sfinţită, un vas nou cu gura largă şi cîteva monede de argint, care sînt aşezate deasupra unui mormînt vechi şi părăsit. Practicantul ritualului trebuie să fi postit trei zile şi se crede că, în lumina lumînărilor, după ce a rostit anumite rugăciuni, poate vedea în apa turnată în vas filmul evenimentelor enigmatice pe care le dorea dezvăluite. Obiceiuri pentru protecţie Prin unele sate din Bucovina există şi acum credinţa că în această noapte bîntuie strigoii şi lupii sînt mai fioroşi ca oricînd. Despre lupi se crede că pot, în această noapte, să vorbească şi să-şi mişte gîturile înţepenite. Despre cei ce vor să audă vorbele lor se spune că află taine teribile, dar că vor muri repede, iar omul sau animalul atacat de lup în noaptea cu pricina se va transforma în vîrcolac. Pentru ca spiritele rele să nu se cuibărească în case, femeile întorc seara toate oalele şi cănile cu gura în jos. Scot din sobă cenuşa caldă de peste zi, pentru ca spiritele neliniştite să nu-şi găsească adăpost la căldură. Alteori, împrăştie resturi de pîine prin curte, pentru ca spiritele flămînde să nu caute prin cămări de-ale gurii. Împotriva vîrcolacilor, gospodinele folosesc cununile de usturoi agăţate la intrare şi lasă aprinsă candela de lîngă icoane. Pentru protecţia vitelor, cu o seară înainte li se amestecă animalelor în hrană busuioc sfinţit sau li se toarnă cîteva picături de agheasmă în apă. După miezul nopţii sau în dimineaţa de Sf. Andrei, exista în trecut obiceiul "descîntecului sării". Un drob de sare, descîntat şi îngropat sub pragul grajdului, era dezgropat în primăvară, de Sf. Gheorghe, cînd sarea era amestecată în hrana vitelor pentru a le feri de farmece, boli şi de vrăjile pentru "luarea laptelui". 
Prognoza meteo populară 
Tot în noaptea de Sf. Andrei sînt practicate şi predicţii meteorologice populare pentru anul următor. De obicei, în podul casei sînt urcate 12 cepe sănătoase, la fel de mari, care sînt lăsate acolo pînă în seara de Crăciun, cînd se află rezultatul. Fiecărei cepe îi este atribuit numele unei luni. Cepele care s-au s-au stricat indică luni ploioase sau cu grindină, iar cele care au încolţit – luni favorabile recoltei. O predicţie asemănătoare, legată de soarta recoltei, se realizează cu ajutorul unor boabe de grîu. Pentru fiecare tip de cultură pe care intenţionează să o semene în grădină, gospodina casei "botează" cîte un bob şi îl pune la încolţit în bucătărie. Peste 7 zile, boabele sînt analizate: cele care au încolţit arată soarta favorabilă a culturii, iar celelalte, pagubă. Dacă noaptea de Sf Andrei este senin şi cald, se crede că iarna nu va fi geroasă. Dacă este frig şi ninsoare, se crede că acestea sînt doar începutul troienelor pe care le va aduce o iarnă grea. Iuliana Popescu(articol preluat de pe
Dăinueşte credinţa că strigoii morţi ies din morminte la Sf. Andrei, se întâlnesc la un loc cu strigoii vii, adică cu strigoii oameni şi se bat cu cocioarbele până cântă cocoşii, cei din urmă cunoscându-se a doua zi după zgârieturile ce la au pe faţă. Babele sau oamenii strigoi, înainte de a ieşi din casă pe horn, se ung pe tălpi cu untură.” ( Gr. Grigoriu-Rigo, Medicina I)

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De Craciun, o noua surpriza oferita de editura noastra preferata, LEDA. Nu plange sub clar de luna la un super pret de 10,99 lei numai cu revista BRAVO. Sa n-o pierdeti :P

Şi totul începe atât de simplu.

Tu. El. Luna.

Te-ai ars.

De acord, poate că în ultima vreme Shelby a făcut câteva greşeli în relaţiile cu băieţii (dar de unde să ştie că Wes „împrumutase” acel Porsche?). Însă mama ei vitregă reacţionează de-a dreptul exagerat când o prinde sărutându-se cu un coleg de liceu.

Urmarea? Toate planurile de vară ale fetei sunt anulate, iar ea se vede nevoită să-şi facă bagajele şi să plece într-o tabără de reeducare.

Adio rochie de bal. Adio bocanci de mers în drumeţii.

Dar Tabăra Semilunii devine un loc interesant când în cale îi apare fermecătorul Austin Bridges al III-lea. Tânărul ascunde însă un teribil secret, pe care i-l dezvăluie noii sale prietene: este vârcolac. Shelby ştie limpede că nu ar trebui să se încurce cu el, dar nu poate întoarce spatele unui tip aflat la greu, mai ales când acesta arată atât de bine.

De aici nu mai este decât un pas până la o poveste de iubire, din care nu lipseşte magia clarului de lună.

Precomanda PARANORMAL vol. 1 din seria cu acelasi nume de Kiersten White - Leda

click pentru precomanda

Angel of Darkness (The Fallen #1)

As an angel of death, Keenan’s job is to collect the souls on his list. He’s carried out his duty for two thousand years and never faltered once. Until he meets Nicole St. James. When the moment of death comes, Keenan hesitates, and instead of taking Nicole, Keenan touches the vampire who’s attacking her.

Cast out of heaven for disobedience, Keenan plummets to earth. Six months later, he finally manages to track Nicole to a bar in Mexico. He’s stunned to discover that the woman he remembers has undergone a dramatic change—she’s become a vampire. And when he realizes that she’s the target of all manner of enemies—other vampires, demons, even shifters—he’ll do whatever it takes to protect her, even if all hell breaks loose…

"Vampire. Figured. Keenan had been cleaning up their messes for centuries. A mistake. That’s what all those parasites were. An experiment gone wrong.
Nicole opened her mouth to scream again and the vamp sank his teeth into her throat. Then he started drinking from her, gulping and growling and Nicole’s fingernails raked against his face as she struggled against him.
But it was too late to fight. She’d never be strong enough to break away from the vampire. She was five feet six inches tall. Maybe one hundred thirty five pounds.
The vamp was over six feet. He was lean, but muscle mass and weight didn’t really matter—not when you were talking about a vamp’s strength.
Keenan stared at the narrow opening of the alley. Soon, he’d be able to touch her and her nightmare would end.
You’re just going to stand there?” Her voice cracked.
His head whipped back toward her. Those green eyes—fury and fear—were locked on him. 

Impossible.She shouldn’t see me yet. It wasn’t time. The vamp hadn’t taken enough blood from her.
Nicole shoved her hands into the vampire’s chest, but he kept his teeth in her throat and didn’t so much as stumble. Her neck was tilted back, her head angled, and her stare was on—
“Help me.” She mouthed the words as tears slipped down her cheeks. “Please.”

She could see him. Every muscle in Keenan’s body went tight. “I will.”"

The Black Sun's Daughter series

Jayné Heller has discovered the source of her uncanny powers; something else is living inside her body. She's possessed. Of all her companions, she can only bring herself to confide in Ex, the former priest. They seek help from his old teacher and the circle of friends he left behind, hoping to cleanse Jayné before the parasite in her becomes too powerful.

Ex's history and a new enemy combine to leave Jayné alone and on the run. Her friends, thinking that the rider with her has taken the reins, try to hunt her down, unaware of the danger they're putting her in. Jayné must defeat the weight of the past and the murderous intent of another rider, and her only allies are a rogue vampire she once helped free and the nameless thing hiding inside her skin.

Published November 29th 2011 by Simon and Schuster
Jayné Heller thinks of herself as a realist, until she discovers reality isn't quite what she thought it was. When her uncle Eric is murdered, Jayné travels to Denver to settle his estate, only to learn that it's all hers — and vaster than she ever imagined. And along with properties across the world and an inexhaustible fortune, Eric left her a legacy of a different kind: his unfinished business with a cabal of wizards known as the Invisible College.

Led by the ruthless Randolph Coin, the Invisible College harnesses demon spirits for their own ends of power and domination. Jayné finds it difficult to believe magic and demons can even exist, let alone be responsible for the death of her uncle. But Coin sees Eric's heir as a threat to be eliminated by any means — magical or mundane — so Jayné had better start believing in something to save her own life.

Aided in her mission by a group of unlikely companions — Aubrey, Eric's devastatingly attractive assistant; Ex, a former Jesuit with a lethal agenda; Midian, a two-hundred-year-old man who claims to be under a curse from Randolph Coin himself; and Chogyi Jake, a self-styled Buddhist with mystical abilities — Jayné finds that her new reality is not only unexpected, but often unexplainable. And if she hopes to survive, she'll have to learn the new rules fast — or break them completely....

When Jayné Heller's uncle Eric died, she inherited a fortune beyond all her expectations — and a dangerous mission in a world she never knew existed. Reining in demons and supernatural foes is a formidable task, but thankfully Jayné has vast resources and loyal allies to rely on. She'll need both to tackle a bodyswitching serial killer who's taken up residence in New Orleans, a city rich in voodoo lore and dark magic.

Working alongside Karen Black, a highly confident and enigmatic ex-FBI agent, Jayné races to track down the demon's next intended host. But the closer she gets, the more convinced she becomes that nothing in this beautiful, wounded city is exactly as it seems. When shocking secrets come to light, and jealousy and betrayal turn trusted friends into adversaries, Jayné will soon come face-to-face with an enemy that knows her all too well, and won't rest until it has destroyed everything she loves most....
When you're staring evil in the eye, don't forget to watch your back ...
At Grace Memorial Hospital in Chicago, something is stirring. Patients are going AWOL and research subjects share the same sinister dreams. Half a century ago, something was buried under Grace in a terrible ritual, and it's straining to be free. Jayné is primed to take on whatever's about to be let loose.

Yet the greatest danger now may not be the huge, unseen force lurking below, but the evil that has been hiding in plain sight all along—taking her ever closer to losing her body, her mind, and her soul. . . .

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Amazon Best of the Month, September 2008: Once you start The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, there's no turning back. This debut thriller--the first in a trilogy from the late Stieg Larsson--is a serious page-turner rivaling the best of Charlie Huston and Michael Connelly. Mikael Blomkvist, a once-respected financial journalist, watches his professional life rapidly crumble around him. Prospects appear bleak until an unexpected (and unsettling) offer to resurrect his name is extended by an old-school titan of Swedish industry. The catch--and there's always a catch--is that Blomkvist must first spend a year researching a mysterious disappearance that has remained unsolved for nearly four decades. With few other options, he accepts and enlists the help of investigator Lisbeth Salander, a misunderstood genius with a cache of authority issues. Little is as it seems in Larsson's novel, but there is at least one constant: you really don't want to mess with the girl with the dragon tattoo. --Dave Callanan
When Psyche receives a prophecy gone horribly wrong, she learns that even the most beautiful girl in Greece can have a hideous future. Her fate? Fall in love with the one creature even the gods fear.

As she feels herself slipping closer into the arms of the prophecy, Psyche must choose between the terrifyingly tender touch she feels almost powerless to resist and the one constant she's come to expect out of life: you cannot escape what is destined.

Destined is a fresh and heartachingly romantic retelling of the Cupid & Psyche myth from debut novelist, Jessie Harrell.

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Editura Polirom

Editura Polirom - 30% reducere pentru domeniul "Literatura romana". Oferta speciala a saptamanii 28 noiembrie - 04 decembrie 2011‏


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Poughkeepsie by Debra Anastasia

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love never fails. Love never fails, right?

In an interwoven tale of unlikely loves and relationships forged by fire, Debra Anastasia takes readers into the darkest corners of human existence, only to show them the radiant power of pure adoration and true sacrifice. Complicated families and confused souls find their way to light in this novel, which manages to be racy, profane, funny, and reverent all at once.

Kingmaker, Kingbreaker series by Karen Miller

Enter the kingdom of Lur, where to use magic unlawfully means death.The Doranen have ruled Lur with magic since arriving as refugees centuries ago. Theirs was a desperate flight to escape the wrath of a powerful mage who started a bitter war in their homeland. To keep Lur safe, the native Olken inhabitants agreed to abandon their own magic. Magic is now forbidden them, and any who break this law are executed.Asher left his coastal village to make his fortune. Employed in the royal stables, he soon finds himself befriended by Prince Gar and given more money and power than he'd ever dreamed possible. But the Olken have a secret; a prophecy. The Innocent Mage will save Lur from destruction and members of The Circle have dedicated themselves to preserving Olken magic until this day arrives. Unbeknownst to Asher, he has been watched closely. As the Final Days approach, his life takes a new and unexpected turn ...

"The evil foretold has risen ... and we are all that stands between it and the end."

Asher has come a long way for a fisherman's son. Together with his friend Prince Gar, he has defended their kingdom against its bitterest enemy, but at great cost.

Now, the evil mage Morg is preparing for his most deadly assault. Desperate, trapped in a broken body, Morg has little time and fewer scruples. And he has a plan.

As Gar and Asher unwittingly fall into a dangerous deception, Morg gets ever closer to his goal. And this victory would be particularly sweet'for who better to destroy the kingdom than the two who would give anything to save it?

Hundreds of years before the great Mage War, a land lies, unknowing, on the edge of catastrophe...
Barl is young and impulsive, but she has a power within that calls to her. In her city, however, only those of noble blood and with the right connections learn the ways of the arcane. Barl is desperate to learn-but her eagerness to use her power leads her astray and she is banned from ever learning the mystic arts.
Morgan holds the key to her education. A member of the Council of Mages, he lives to maintain the status quo, preserve the mage bloodlines, and pursue his scholarly experiments. But Barl's power intrigues him-in spite of her low status.
Together, he realizes they can create extraordinary new incantations. Morgan's ambition and Barl's power make a potent combination. What she does not see is the darkness in him that won't be denied.
A Blight of Mages is the new novel set in the world of Karen Miller's bestselling debut The Innocent Mage.


Demons of Infernum, #1
Keegan lives to exact revenge on the evil demon who sired and abused him. When his father devises a plan to bring on the apocalypse, he and his three half-brothers, interdimensional bounty hunters for the Elden Council, are charged with capturing and delivering their father for punishment.
Art gallery owner Brynn Meyers has no idea that her ability to read memories embedded in objects and drain people of their life force means she has demon ancestry. Unfortunately for Brynn, she’s also the key to raising an ancient zombie army, which puts her on every demon’s Most Wanted List.
And no one wants her more than Keegan’s father.
Keegan must protect Brynn from his father by any means necessary, but he’ll have to learn to harness the other half of his genetics—the far deadlier, uncontrollable half—when he starts to fall for the one woman standing between him and the vengeance he so desperately seeks. The one woman he’ll never be able to resist.
Published August 2nd 2011 by Entangled Publishing, LLC
Demons of Infernum, #2
 Half-demon Taeg is desperate to free his pregnant sister-in-law, who is spellbound to an indestructible book that will create an army of the undead. He is convinced that an ancient sword can destroy the book and the spell forever, but this relic has been hidden for a millennia by a powerful glamour. The clock begins to run out on his search when an old rival goes after the book and Taeg’s family in his quest for revenge.
Librarian Maya Flores has a secret: she’s immune to magic and is well aware of the supernatural beings prowling the streets of New York City. Haunted by a brutal demon attack that took her family, she is on a one-woman mission to destroy the evil demons who did it—and any others who get in her way.
Maya is Taeg’s best hope for uncovering the sword. Unfortunately, she wants nothing more than to kill him. As he fights for her trust and to save his family, she is forced to face the truth that not all demons are evil. And the worst part? She might be falling in love with one, too.
Published September 6th 2011 by Entangled Publishing
Demons of Infernum, #3
After months of no work, interdimensional bounty hunter Ronin Meyers jumps at the chance to locate an incubus who’s using succubi as murder weapons. Faced with deportation to hellish Infernum if he fails, Ronin will stop at nothing to take out the incubus and anyone else involved. Even the beautiful succubus who stole his heart—and nearly his life—during the most mind-blowing hour of his existence.
Night after night, Amara and her fellow succubi are forced to extract special abilities from the strongest Otherworlders for their psychotic master’s growing collection. When the gorgeous angel-demon hybrid she believed to be dead captures her, Amara is both stunned and elated.
But the happily ever after Amara’s dreamed about will have to wait. Before she and Ronin can find salvation, they must bring down the madman hellbent on destroying everything—and everyone—they love. And Ronin and Amara are at the top of his list…
Expected publication: December 6th 2011 by Entangled Publishing, LLC 
Demons of Infernum, #4
 Biochemist Cresso Taylor lives the sort of lifestyle most men would envy—he has wealth, natural incubus charm, and more women than he can handle. But it’s not enough anymore. Not after meeting Genevieve Russell, the sexy scientist who works with him at Elcorp Laboratory. And she wants absolutely nothing to do with him.
After her fiancé broke her heart, Genevieve has had enough of womanizers. She’s determined to steer clear of sexy-as-sin Dr. Taylor, despite the fact that his incubus allure makes her want to rip his clothes off. But when a secret admirer’s affection turns to the macabre with threatening notes and grisly gifts, Cresso appoints himself her protector. As she and Cresso hunt her stalker, she discovers there’s a lot more to the sensual incubus than she ever imagined.
Expected publication: January 2012 by Entangled Publishing, LLC

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The Lake Dweller Series by Darren Birch

His arms flailed as the vortex of water began to crush him. Ivy knew she should stop, but he would pay for what he'd done.
Ivy is a Lake Dweller, a shy and awkward member of an ancient race that can heal by touch. Whilst trying to stay under the radar, Ivy discovers she has inherited an ancient power once forbidden, called water weaving. Follow Ivy's adventures as she attempts to control her new gift and escape those who would control her for it.

Published October 19th 2010 by Darren Birch
 Deep (The Lake Dweller Series #2)

 There's something in the lake. Something that shouldn't be there. Watching. Waiting. And very deadly.
The one thing that sucks more than being kidnapped, is waking up in the Arizona desert not knowing who or what you are.
In between working for the Council Elders and trying to control the nightmares, there's something wrong with the lakes and only the fae can help.

Published January 12th 2011 by Darren Birch
 Torn (The Lake Dweller Series #3)
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They say ‘Time heals all wounds.’ Well not mine. Time has re-opened my wounds and cruelly torn them apart!

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