Friday, May 18, 2012

COVER! McKenzie Lewis 02 - The Shattered Dark

OMG!!! Look what I found on Sandy's site! I've been waiting forever to see this!
I'm SO SO excited!!! And it's so lovely! I can't wait to read about Aren again!

It’s here! It’s here! The Shattered Dark’s final cover!
I’m so excited to share this with you guys. I absolutely love it. I feel like I’ve totally one the book cover lottery with these two books. I love how The Shadow Reader’s cover was kickass and pink, and I love how The Shattered Dark’s cover is kickass and purple!
Yes, McKenzie is holding a sword again. No, she still doesn’t know how to use the darn thing, but she does hold one for more than two minutes in The Shattered Dark.

 A love declared. A war waged. A future endangered.
Back cover:
McKenzie Lewis has a gift. It allows her access to a world few have seen,
and even fewer can comprehend. It’s her secret. And it exists in the shadows…
McKenzie was a normal college student, save for one little twist: she’s a shadow reader, someone who can both see the fae and track their movements between our world and the Realm. It’s a gift for which she has been called insane, one for which she has risked family and friends—and one that has now plunged her into a brutal civil war among the fae.
With the reign of the king and his vicious general at an end, McKenzie hoped to live a more normal life while exploring her new relationship with Aren, the rebel fae who has captured her heart. But when her best friend, Paige, disappears McKenzie knows her wish is, for now, just a dream. McKenzie is the only one who can rescue her friend, but if she’s not careful, her decisions could cost the lives of everyone she’s tried so hard to save.


Izabela said...

Doamne, sper din toata inima ca seria asta sa apra si in Romania. Am vazut eu bine sau aveti o campanie in derulare pentru asta?

Bonnie Ithil said...

Cristyna ma crezi ca am ranjit ca proasta 5 minute la postul asta.:))=)) Dabea astept sa apara :x:x
Coperta e superba si se potriveste cu prima :D

Christyna_BM said...

Daaa, da avem campanie, poti sa citesti un teaser tradus de mine in ro pe bara din stanga. E si poll-ul in care trebuie sa votezi daca o vrei sau nu in ro...sper sa am timp soon sa va scot niste fragmente, niste ma mai ocup de campania asta.
Bonnie, da te cred :D si eu eram toata *happy dance* cand am vazut! Eu sper din tot sufletul sa o primesc ARC macar ca e-book, desi Sandy a promis ca mi-o trimite semnata :D. Seria asta e must-read.
Si desigur, sper sa o avem in ro...e asa frumoasa...

Bonnie Ithil said...

Da intradevar e foarte frumoasa si merita citita :D si eu sper sa avem parte de ea in Ro.

Izabela said...

Merci pentru raspuns Christyna . Chiar sper sa reusiti.

ioana alexandra said...

imi place la nebunie coperta:X:X
sper sa apara si la noi seria asta!!

andra lavander said...

se potrivesc copertile, prima cu a doua, cartea se afla pe lista mea de lectura, daca nu in romana, atunci in engleza

Simona said...

Am vazut si eu pe site-ul autoarei coperta :D:D Mi se pare reusita(insa tot prima cred ca e preferata mea xD). Sunt curioasa cum o sa se numeasca volumul 3. Autoarea era in dilema.

Mirela said...

coperta seamana cu seria Gk...dar fara arme...zic eu

Si soarele e o stea

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