Friday, May 18, 2012

Ephemeral (The Countenance 1) Coming Soon!

Addison Moore's new series The Countenance 
 Volume  #1 EPHEMERAL is Coming Soon!
Placeholder cover for EPHEMERAL

I used to believe in things, in people, in places, and names—concrete forms of life that ended at some point in the unknowable future. I used to believe memories were infallible, that they could never collapse around you like a house of cards, burn to cinders before ever touching the ground.

People vanish all the time. Other people. You hear about it on the news, see their smiling faces staring back at you on milk cartons—their pictures plastered around town like wanted posters. But it was a world within a world, and innately you knew this could never really happen.

I used to believe in death. I used to believe once they put you in that box and tucked you away for one very long night under six feet of soil it was finished. The sunlight, fresh air, a warm embrace, they would never be yours again. It was the final vanishing act—your curtain pulled down and covering your casket. That was the day it would all start anew. Staring into the face of God, awaiting your final judgment.

But I was wrong about everything.

I had my name, my life, and my eternal judgment revoked in one passing hour at the hands of madmen who share my bloodlines.

They took everything but my memory. They tried and failed, and now I am nothing more than a liability, a spark in a bed of dried timber, waiting to unleash an inferno. I don’t know how long I can go before they stop me or if they even care.

I used to believe so easily and now I strain the most insignificant detail from each passing day as if it were poison.

I know one solid truth. Everything about this new world is a lie.
I’m going to infiltrate their ranks—dismantle their kingdom—take them down until they all vanish, evaporate like smoke from the planet, erase any memory of them as if they had never happened.

Or I’ll die trying.

And I just might.  


Izabela said...

Deci coperta e absolut SUPERBA ! 10 cu steluta .Offf de ce toate cartile marfa sunt scrise de autori straini? Asta e, sa speram ca va veni si in Romania cat mai repede.

andra lavander said...

coperta este cu adevarat superba si descrierea este usor filozofica, imi place mult

Bonnie Ithil said...

Descrierea e destul de ciudata dar foarte interesanta si se vede ca e facuta cu scopul de a atrage. La fel si coperta, nu ai cum sa ratezi o asemenea frumusete de coperta daca se afla pe un raft de librarie :) :x

Andreea said...

Foarte frumoasa coperta.

Simona said...

Foarte frumoasa coperta dar nu prea. La prima vedere am fost uimita de trandafirii rosii insa coperta nu a fost lucrata cu atentie. Fata este "decupata" foarte prost. Nu se muleaza pe fundal absolut deloc. Se poate vedea in parul fetei parti din fundalul anterior. Sa speram ca se mai sinchisesc sa o modifice :( Ar fi pacat de idee.
*Acum am vazut ca scrie placeholder x_x*
Prefata pare interesanta :D Sunt curioasa ce gen e.

Unknown said...

Nu va suparat pe mine, dar coperta e rau facuta. Cum zicea si Simona e atat de prost decupata si pare ca nici macar nu si-au dat silinta sa o lucreze incat mi-e mila de ea. E frumoasa ideea cu trandafirii, dar parca ar fi facuta de un amator...e chiar dezastru, dupa parerea mea,

Mirela said...

wow eu una ador ce amator ca nu vad niciunul

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