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Review, Quotes & Giveaway for This One's for You by Brandy Jellum

this one
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 22, 2015

All alone in a new state, Brennan Daniels has only the memories of her best friend, Reagan, to keep her company as she starts college.
Reagan is the reason for everything Brennan does—before she died, she made Brennan promise to stay good until she found a man worth keeping. No boys, no dating, and definitely no falling in love—those were the rules for college, and Brennan carved them into the brick walls guarding her heart… But there’s a fire burning behind those walls, and when Brennan meets Owen Scott, the (mysterious) new guy across the hall, she can’t deny the pull between them. He is everything she should never want. Everyone warns her to stay away—even Owen himself—but the heart wants what the heart wants, even if it knows that it’s going to get hurt—even if it means throwing old promises to new flames…


What I loved the most about this book is the humor. It’s a good book with strong characters who have an interesting story and develop from the first to the last page. I loved the action, because it doesn’t let you hanging and waiting for something to happen, but, most of all, it's very fun to read.

Brennan and Owen both have their pasts, but when Amelia and Callen come into their lives, everything becomes lighter and funnier. Brennon is the first traitor in her family, the first one who decides that Washington University isn’t for her. In Oregon she can live without her parents or her three big brothers to protect her, and this is what she needs to get away from the loss and the guilt that keeps hunting her. Her roommate, Amelia, is a crazy, easy going friend who can make her smile and enjoy college life, but being Amelia’s friend means betraying her best friend. 

On the other hand, Owen is the last thing she needs or should want. He is sex on two legs with his Bieber hair, but his attitude is a huge problem. A manwhore with no respect for himself and the women he brings in his bad. He is bad news. But he also seems to be everywhere Brennon goes and the sexual tension is hard to ignore. Both have secrets and both try to run from their pasts. Being friends isn’t an option no matter how hard they try and the all hot-cold attitude is pissing Brennon off. Being together is a risk but is it a risk worth taking with all the secrets in the way? Together they can either be a complete disaster or a recipe for happily ever after.

But this isn’t just a love story, it's also a tale of college life. It’s about being young, parties, new friends and responsibilities. Because all actions have consequences and thinking that bad things cannot happen to you isn’t a great idea. Brennon, Owen, Amelia and Callen made mistakes because they were young. For some of them it turned out to be for the best, for others their choices were filled with guilt. But for all of them there comes a day when the sun rises again.

While reading This one’s for you, I’ve learned a lot about forgiving. Forgiving someone else isn’t that hard, but forgiving yourself is a lot harder and without it you cannot move on. Guild keeps you in one place, it doesn’t let you move forward. Until the moment when you begin to realize that maybe you have to cut yourself some slack. That’s why This one's for you is a must read, because it combines the humor with the hard life lessons, and the smiles with the tears.

This one’s for you is the perfect book for a beautiful summer day and I’ve spent a few great hours in its company, it just made my day brighter.

 Happy reading!

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I watched as the purple balloons danced in the sky. Carrying my promise with them.

“You don’t have a shotgun,” I blurted. My father laughed and cupped my cheek. His lips turned up into a brilliant smile. “Brenn, I’ve had a shotgun since the day I found out you were a girl.”

I might end up in jail if I don’t have someone to talk me out of beating my mom with a frying pan.Then again, I don’t even know if we have a frying pan. Note to self; check cupboards for heavy pan.

“Honey, all men are pigs. That’s why we hate ’em.  And that’s why love ’em, too.”

I was pretty sure Amelia had a shopping addiction. Basically everything she landed her eyes on, she bought. “Remind me to never go shopping with you again,” I added, snatching another bag into my arms. “Like you’re one to talk!” she retorted. “I’m pretty sure you bought as much as I did.” She was right. I had bought a lot – more than I should have. But at least I knew I had an addiction.

Around the age of five, I learned that I had this power of some sort when it came to my brothers. I wasn’t sure exactly what it was- all I knew was all I had to do was pucker my lower lip, bat my eyelashes, and voila…I got what I wanted

Okay, so there are a couple of things you should know about me.The first and probably the most important thing to know is…do not attempt to speak to me until I have had at least two cups of coffee in the morning, I mean, unless you enjoy getting your head bit off first thing. Also, I hate the color orange. So if you have any in your wardrobe, you better hide it now, or else I’m throwing it out. Have you ever seen those Snickers commercials?  Well, I get like that if I don’t eat. So if you hear my stomach growling, get me to food as quick as you can. And finally, I never, ever think before I speak. I wasn’t born with a filter and say whatever comes to mind. So I may embarrass you from time to time, but you can’t say I didn’t give you any warning.

Brandy’s passion for writing began long before she actually sat down to write. As a child, she has had an obsession with reading, everything from the classic stories by Jane Austen to YA Fiction by Richelle Mead. Finally, in 2012, she decided to create her own stories for people to fall in love with. Brandy bounces back and forth writing both Romance and Young Adult Fiction (which is mainly just for fun).

At the beginning of 2014, Brandy signed a contract with publishing company Booktrope. She is very excited about the next chapter of her life and cannot wait to share her books and passion with readers.
When she isn’t writing, she can be found chasing after her husband, her four children and her black lab, Diesel. Or curled up on her favorite corner of the couch with her newest book.

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