Monday, May 27, 2013

E luni. Ce mai citim?

Eu citesc de cateva saptamani Marital Bitch de J.C. Emery, dar  bineinteles cu micile pauze pentru alte carti.
Voi ce cititi?

Some people never grow up, and there are some people you never grow out of no matter how hard you try.

She’s irrational. He’s crass. She wanted out of South Boston. He never wanted to leave. She keeps him at a distance. He refuses to leave her side. Together, Colleen Frasier and Bradley Patrick are ridiculous and juvenile. Apart, they’re just plain miserable.

While Detective Bradley Patrick was keeping the streets of South Boston safe, Colleen Frasier was busy litigating late into the evening and admiring the view from her high-rise condo downtown. Her life was perfect– sort of. She spent too much time drinking her high-priced lattes and acquiring an impressive shoe collection and before she knew it she was 35 and time for all that other stuff she wanted, like a husband and children, was quickly passing her by. And then there’s that longtime rift that’s kept her and her childhood best friend, Bradley Patrick, at odds for over a decade.

All of that changes on Colleen’s 35th birthday when she receives a surprise marriage proposal from Brad. One night. One birthday wish. Trouble is, he brings out the worst in Colleen. She can’t possibly marry him, can she? She’s never been very good at saying “no” to him, either. What was supposed to end the next day with an annulment takes on a life of its own when video of the wedding ends up on the internet and their families are overjoyed by the news. Fearing the shame of her Catholic family, Colleen has a proposal of her own: pretend the marriage is for real– and Brad is all too willing to play the doting husband.


Anonymous said...

da, păi citesc acum portretul lui dorian gray și mă chinui acum cu true blood .

cafebiblioart said...

marital Bitch un alt fanfic publicat
:) Eu citesc mai multe carti, cate putin din fiecare...principala ar fi Sugar Daddy

Andd D. said...

Citesc Balul Fetelor Moarte si sper sa o termin curand :)

Si soarele e o stea

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