Friday, July 24, 2015

Book Blitz and Giveaway for ​ Created (Created #1) by Peiri Ann

Publication Date: July 24, 2015
 Genres: Romance, Sci-fi, Young Adult


After a devastating world war, our government has manufactured genetically altered humans. These ‘creations’ are designed to manage and enforce law and order amongst the citizens. Creations don’t know fear or pain. Their sole function is to fight the enemy and live to battle again.

Orphans Kylie Alexander and her twin brother, Lukahn were born for this purpose. Dedicating their lives to sharpening their deadly skills and forfeiting the chance of love and freedom. They ready themselves for Separation, the deadly rite of passage where the oldest teens are drafted into the final preparation for war. When Kylie and Luke are shipped off to separation three months early, questions arise. Who is the real enemy? What is really happening beyond the fractured sanctuary of the training compound? Humans and creations alike have become lethal foes when a plague of the living dead becomes the number one hazard. Strategies change as the twins discover they may not be the saviors of humankind after all. They may be the real enemy of the people.

Peiri Ann shares a love in the creation of new worlds, different creatures, and unwritten possibilities. Writing is a passion. I fell in love with it when i was a child and I am privileged to share it with you. I love writing fun/tragic adventurous novels with strong romantic elements from YA to New Adult. ( 

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Unknown said...

Ce frumos. <3 pare o carte pe gustul meu. Sper sa o pot citi cândva. :)

Maria said...

Si eu sper sa o pot citi cartea asta candva.

Unknown said...

E atrăgătoare. Dacă aş avea şansa, aş citi-o.

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