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Book Excerpt and Giveaway! Deceived (Soul Keepers #1) by Laurie Starkey

Publication date: August 28th 2014
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult
They say a soul is the immaterial essence, the animating principle, the actuating cause of an individual life.

But what if you had to share yours with the one person you hated the most?

The soul mate principle states that for every one soul there is another that will recognize its match, hence creating the perfect union.

But what if you had two soul mates, which would you choose?

What if your choices had eternal ramification?

Deceived, the debut novel in the Soul Keeper Series, is a modern day love story about the implications of having more than one soul mate, and having to choose between the two of them. The decisions of the gods has left the next generation, their heirs, torn between fate and reality, and the balance of the future hangs in anticipation of what’s to come.

Sam smiled. “I should get going, it’s gonna get dark soon and my car is still in the shop. Bikeville, population one, here I come.”

Julie got up from the bed and moved closer. “Alright, but don’t forget I can’t talk tomorrow night. Brent and I are leaving right after school to go visit his aunt in Massachusetts.” 

“Yeah, I remembered. That seriously blows about having to spend the whole evening with Brent.” Sam couldn’t help but laugh at Julie’s plight. “Sneak a call to me tomorrow night when everyone goes to sleep and fill me in on Brent’s latest skank conquest abroad.” 

Julie smiled and gave her a quick hug. Sam returned the sign of affection and hurried downstairs, jogging out the front door and almost making it to her bike when someone cleared their throat. She turned around to see none other than the player himself.

“Yes?” Sam asked, trying not to smile at him and failing miserably.

“Leaving so soon?” Brent asked with a little boy pout on his face. “We were just about to order pizza. We don’t have dessert, but maybe you’d be willing to volunteer?” 

“Volunteer to get dessert, huh? Never heard of the guest having to provide for the hosts, but coming from you, this isn’t a surprise.” Sam smirked at him as she jumped on her bike.

“Not get dessert, Samantha, be dessert.” Brent smiled devilishly, teasing her like he always did.

“And then you woke up.” Sam laughed and started to pedal away.

“You’re not even going to blow me a kiss? Shame, Sam, shame.” 

Sam resisted flipping him the bird over her shoulder as she rode away. 

The very thought of the challenging fifteen mile bike ride that lay ahead of her caused her adrenaline to surge. Laughter spilled from her lips as she stood, pumping her legs hard and fast before sitting down into a steady rhythm that offered her peace. 

There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and even though the breeze had picked up, embracing Sam like a good friend, the warmth of the sun was putting up a mighty fight. Being someone who thrived outdoors, she loved that New Hampshire had four seasons and took profound joy in having the ability to experience all the weather gods could throw her way. After the first few warm up miles, Sam stood back up on her peddles and pumped out the next few miles with a good bit of effort. 

Man, it feels good to get my blood pumping.

Sam looked to her left as a quick movement of yellow jotted between the trees.

“No!” A loud masculine voice rang out.

She jerked forward in time to swerve, barely missing the yellow lump lying in the road and instead hitting the curb. She plummeted off the bike, flying through the air and landing in a crouch. Her chest heaved in effort to gain much needed oxygen as all of the blood in her body rushed to its aid. 

Her eyes quickly surveyed her surroundings as she cautiously rose. No one was close enough to create the loud protest that was still reverbing in her head. Trying to regain her composure, she worked to make sense of what had happened. I could’ve sworn there was something yellow in the trees. And then it was in the road, right?

She searched the ground finding nothing to support her internal claim.

Laurie Starkey is the author of the upcoming Soul Keeper Series, a supernatural young adult series, and The Liarus Detective Series, a supernatural middle grade series. She lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, Jacob and three beautiful kiddos.

She is a CPA by trade, a church planter and entrepreneur at heart; however, writing and reading are passions she just can’t help but indulge in. With more ideas than one person should be allowed, she is blessed to have a muse that doesn’t seem to take a vacation and more energy that one might consider healthy.

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Alexandra Ioana said...

cam intunecata coperta :D

Unknown said...

thanks for the chance

Judy said...

This really looks like a fantastic read, one I would enjoy. Thanks for the giveaway.

Anita Yancey said...

I really like the story about two soul mates, and which one would you choose. It sounds so interesting, and I'd love to read it. Thanks for having the giveaway.

Unknown said...

Mulțumim de concurs. :-)

Adela C. said...

Nu pot sa zic ca ma da pe spate.

Unknown said...

Interesanta ideea autoarei cu cele doua suflete pereche. Citisem anul trecut ceva de genul, personajul feminin avand de ales intre ce este potrivit pentru ea si ce vrea inima ei. este o carte ce merita citita, parerea mea.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for hosting me today!!

Destroyed (SKII) is out and should be high paced most of the time. Descent (SKIII) releases Feb 28th!

I'd love to have you or any of your friends jump on my mailing list. I sent out previews of my covers, have freebies coming and ask for interactive feedback on my books!!


Unknown said...

Cum se numea cartea? Sunt curioasă în privința acestui subiect.

Unknown said...

My own Mr. Darcy de Karey White. O gasesti momentan numai in limba engleza.

Unknown said...

nu prea cred in suflete pereche, dar sa ai doua suflete pereche in acelasi timp e chiar ciudar, pereche nu inseamna doi?

Si soarele e o stea

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