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Review All About Me, Love and Hate #2 by Joanna Mazurkiewicz

I’m the monster, a bloody human incapable of emotion

I soon realize that my revenge didn’t make me feel any fucking better about myself, instead it pissed me off to realize that I’m in love with her.

Two days later the letter addressed to me arrives in the post and the ground moves beneath my feet, because the whole truth about India is out in the open and the pain punches me so hard that I can’t breathe, darkness crawls through me, sparking all the insecurities and fears about my dead brother back to ugly reality.

Then off I go with my apology, trying to fix this fucked up situation but she doesn’t want to listen. Every time I do something the guilt is burning my gut, pushing her further and further away from me.

She even goes an extra mile making me feel like a prick and she gets involved with someone else just to get back at me. She pretends that the event in the restaurant didn’t mean anything to her, like she is immune to my actions.

India’s pain is raw, deep and whenever I lay my eyes on her I remember the cruel things I’ve done.

The next couple of months I focus on getting her back. This is the only thing that matters to me now. I must redeem myself; forget about anger, other birds and parties.

India is the only person that I want, I love her and only her but the problem is that she hates my guts, so I’m the last person that she wants.

I must prove to India that I’m worthy of her love.


This is the second book in the Love and Hate series. You can find the review for the first volume, All About You, here.

Oliver has screwed up and now India hates his guts. Too late he realized his mistake and no amount of apologies will set things right.

I was one of the lucky ladies who got to read the book before being published and I really liked it. This time we get to see things from Oliver’s perspective and we get to listen to his side of the story.

He and India had a huge amount of bad luck and Oliver’s misfortune started the day he was conceived.

This story is the perfect example of how a bad decision, the inability to stand up for yourself, may change your life and the lives of those around you forever.

Both India and Oliver had made bad decisions. Her in not talking to someone, not confessing what happened the night of Christian’s going away party and Oliver in not listening later on.

What could have been a beautiful love story turned into an ugly mess of hate, betrayal, lies and disappointment.

What could have been a life full of happiness turned into hate and resentment.

I was kind of expecting for the other shoe to drop when Oliver changed his attitude towards India in the other book but I wasn't expecting for him to go so far.

What I liked about her is that she doesn’t forgive him right away even if she loves him deeply. I like her strength and her determination even when being far means pain and tears.

Love might mean forgiveness but there’s always a limit to how many blows a heart can take before completely shattering.

I really think you’ll enjoy the Love and Hate series. Joanna has done a great job. I recommend.

Happy Reading!

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