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Review Blood on Silk, Awakened By Blood Series book 1 by Marie Treanor

 While in Romania researching historical superstitions, Scottish academic Elizabeth Silk comes upon the folk tale of Saloman, a seductive prince staked centuries ago, legend's most powerful vampire. Now, in the ruins of a castle crypt, Elizabeth discovers supernatural legends that have come alive. Her blood has awakened him. Her innocence has aroused him. But Elizabeth unleashes more than Saloman's hunger, and it's going to unite them in ways neither could have imagined.
My review

 I’ve read this book back in 2011 and re-read it quite a few times since. I loved it.
Blood on Silk is not a love story. Do not expect the usual drama of a vampire complaining about his condition and trying to change it or the brainless girl/woman who thinks she’s the one who’ll save him. Nope. None of that.
Saloman has spent the last three centuries with a stake in his heart, buried in a crypt beneath a chapel, after those he considered his friends had betrayed him. Now, he’s waiting for his Awakener and planning bloody revenge.
Scottish academic Elizabeth Silk is writing her thesis on historical superstitions, more exactly vampires, and what better place to do it than Romania, the country where Dracula was born. She doesn’t believe in vampires but she’s intrigued when Saloman’s name keeps popping up.
What began as a thesis research will forever change her life and bring her in contact with a world she had no idea it even existed.
Saloman is finally free and ready to get back what was taken from him. But first, those who helped imprison him and their descendants have to die. And Elizabeth is one of them.
I hated Saloman almost the entire book for the way he played with Elizabeth.
BUT, like I said in the beginning, he’s not one of those vampires who feels sorry for themselves. Not even after he’s been betrayed and imprisoned. He’s strong, confident, intelligent, calculating and, yes, his arrogance knows no limits.
He doesn’t rush head first into anything, mostly because he’s perfectly conscious of the fact that he’s not at the top of his strength yet. Instead, he makes alliances and works on building his power by hunting his betrayers one by one.
Elizabeth is a strong character too. Yes, she is attracted to Saloman, but she doesn’t allow her libido to rule her decisions. She’s aware of the danger and that nothing will stop the vampire if he decides to end her life, so she has to find a way to protect herself.
But things are not simple and Elizabeth soon discovers she’s been lied to by those who claimed to be her friends. She’s so much more that Saloman’s Awakener and her role in the story is more important than they told her.
As the connection between her and Saloman evolves, she’ll have to make a decision. To stay, become his toy and eventually be killed or to take her life in her own hands and try to change her destiny.
 Action, intrigue, mystery, passion and so much more in this amazing book that you should definitely read as soon as possible. I couldn’t put it down until I was finished.

Happy reading!

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