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Blog Tour: Project Five Fifteen Series by Samantha Summers

Series: Project Five Fifteen #1
Publication: May 12th 2012
Genre: YA Romantic Thriller

For every choice, there is a consequence.

Ronnie and Kalen are finally together, living their life in secret under the radar of the people who want Kalen dead. But when a visit from an old friend sends Kalen away on a rescue mission, Ronnie finds herself plunged back into the world of Project Five Fifteen quicker than she ever thought possible.

It’s fast becoming clear The Agency will never give up their hunt for the boys, and a betrayal closer to home starts a chain reaction that will change everything. Now, caught in a deadly web of lies and deceit, Ronnie is forced to question who she can trust; even the person she once trusted most.

As enemies close in, Kalen’s past threatens to destroy the happiness they sacrificed so much for, and it’s only a matter of time before the ultimate choice must be.

I arrived at the docks wishing I hadn’t. On my own in the darkness, all I knew for sure was that I was astonishingly cold and a long way from home. What was I expecting to see? From Laith’s words I couldn’t be sure what was going to happen, if anything.
It wasn’t long, however, before I saw movement from inside one of the big white yachts, just as Laith had predicted. My stomach lurched as I thought about what I’d done. This was it – no turning back. If he told me something bad about my father, I’d have to say goodbye to him. With that thought, I had to force my feet not to run. Finding out the truth about the boy to whom my happiness was bound so tightly made me numb with fear.
Dressed entirely in black, he leapt silently from the boat and hotfooted it along the jetty in my direction. Up until that moment I’d been annoyed, but my anger quickly turned to fear when I saw his urgency. As he ran, his feet seemed to barely touch the floor beneath him; he looked lighter than air. I was reminding myself to be angry – not impressed – when two huge German Shepherds launched themselves from the boat and gave chase along the docks. Kalen reached me, his eyes widening. A flash of anger clouded his features.
‘Dammit, Ronnie!’ he said.
He grabbed my arm and forced me to run with him. I said nothing; there was no time. Being chased by two savage dogs gave me the adrenaline kick I needed and I ran faster than I ever thought I could. But I knew we couldn’t outrun them. We reached a brick wall and I turned in horror, watching the two animals gaining on us, snarling and barking ferociously. I flinched against the wall, my heart pounding in my chest. Still holding me, Kalen glanced towards the black water then back to the dogs. Any second now they’d be mauling us...
Then Kalen’s arms were around me, lifting me off the ground, tossing me like a rugby ball into the air. I gasped. Flailed. Cold air rushed past me. I heard the yelp of a dog before I hit the freezing water. What felt like a thousand needles pierced my skin all at once, evaporating into hundreds of tiny bubbles. I gasped for air as I broke the surface.

About the author:

Born in London, an only child with an overactive imagination, Sam spent much of her childhood telling ghost stories to her younger cousins and dreaming about far away places. She graduated university with a BA in marketing, but it wasn't long before her passion for storytelling and travel got the better of her. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia, where you'll probably find her hidden away in the corner of a park somewhere - writing, reading, dreaming or watching movies on her iPad. She loves everything spy and assassin and has a slightly unhealthy obsession with Star Wars, mainly Darth Vader.

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Anonymous said...

mult succes cu proiectul acesta ...

Unknown said...

Sperba cartea , multumim de concurs

deea s said...

foarte frumos concursul:D

Jolene and Family said...

Sounds like a great series!

Alexandra Ioana said...

tipa dp coperta e geniala :X

Unknown said...

frumoasa fraza de la inceput. chiar asa si e. pentru fiecare alegere urmeaza o consecinta

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This sounds awesome! Thank you for the great giveaway :)

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