Friday, May 18, 2012

Teaser Time!

Another glimpse in the world of HUNTER WHITE and Serena.
Heh. He sucked at the whole babysitting thing.
“You’re hurting me,” she said finally, nodding at where his entire hand wrapped around her arm.
“No. I’m not.” Her face scrunched up. “Okay. You’re annoying me.”
“Want to know a secret?”
Serena looked wary. “What?”
 “I don’t care.”
She rolled her eyes. “Real funny."
I'm getting more and more curious.


andra lavander said...

foarte funny

Bonnie Ithil said...

E funny, dar se stie pana la urma din ce e? ca am obs ca la autoare pe blog toti isi dau cu presupusul...

Izabela said...

Chiar, din ce carte e citatul?

Simona said...

Funny indeed :)) Sunt curioasa despre ce e vorba :-? Mai in detaliu.

Si soarele e o stea

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