Friday, May 11, 2012

Teaser! Teaser! Teaser!

 Jennifer is made of awesome! All of us know that already. So look what we have here!

Not one but three..yes, you read it right, THREE teasers from Deity.

I'll begin with my favorite: Aiden's. I know everyone chose a team, and I have to tell you that although I like Seth a lot, I'm team Aiden all the way!
Here you go.

Okay. Everyone demanded a Aiden teaser. And it's hard to find one that isn't too spoilery, but I think this one will do for tonight

Aiden caught my wrists before I could hit him again, pinning them above my head and down on the mats. “You always let your emotions get the best of you, Alex.”
I tried to push him off, not trusting myself to speak. A sob was rising in my throat as I wiggled under him, managing to get one leg free.
“Alex,” he warned softly. He pressed down, and when he breathed in, his chest rose against mine. In the utter darkness of the sensory deprivation room, his breath was warm against my lips. I didn’t dare move. Not even a fraction of an inch. His grip around my wrists slackened and his hand slipped over my shoulder, cupping my cheek. My heart was trying to come out of
my chest in those seconds and every muscle locked up, tensed with anticipation. Was he going to kiss me? No. My lip was busted, but if he did, I wouldn’t stop him and I knew that was so wrong. Chills went down my spine, and I relaxed under him.
“It’s okay to be afraid, Alex.”
I threw my head back then, wanting to be far away from him as much as I wanted to be right where I was. “But you have nothing to fear.” He guided my chin down with gentle fingers. “When will you learn?” His voice was heavy, gruff. “You’re the only person who has control over who you become. You’re too strong to ever lose yourself. I believe that. Why can’t you?”
My breath came out shaky. His faith in me was nearly my undoing. The swelling in my chest would’ve lifted me off the mats. Several moments passed before I could speak. “What are you afraid of?” I asked again.
“I thought you said I was afraid of nothing once,” he threw back. “I did.”
Aiden shifted slightly and his thumb caressed the curve of my cheek. “I’m afraid of something.”
“What?” I whispered.
He drew in a deep, shuddering breath. “I’m afraid of never being allowed to feel what I do.”

 This one made me go WOW!
And one Deity teaser... just to show you why the book is called... Deity

A blinding light filled the store, followed by a popping sound. Then something zinged past my cheek. I caught a glimpse of silver before Hades released my arm and snatched the arrow out of the air.

“Artemis, that wasn’t very nice.” Hades snapped the arrow in two and tossed it aside. “You could take an eye out with one of those things.”

The soft feminine laugh that followed sounded like wind chimes. A few feet behind us, legs widespread and a silver bow in one hand, stood Artemis. Instead of the white chiffon she was known for, she wore straight-up combat boots and hot-pink camouflage pants. A white tank

completed her badass ensemble.

She reached behind her, pulling another arrow from her quiver. “Back down, Hades.”

Hades’ lips thinned.

She placed the arrow on her bow. “You will not catch the next one, Hades. And you will not take her.”

I slowly backed away from the god smackdown-in-progress, having no idea why Artemis would come to my aid. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Death finally go down. I picked up my sickle blade.

Hades stepped forward, tile peeling and smoking under his boots. “Why are you intervening, Artemis? You know what will happen."

 And the last one. Seth's.
Deity teaser! *Tis spoilerific* You've been warned.
There was just this… and Seth. My eyes drifted shut and a sigh leaked out. Why had I been so afraid of this?
There was a flash of light that I could still see even though my eyes were closed. Seth dropped my hand and it fell limply to my side. The bed dipped beside my head from where he placed his hands. I felt his breath on my cheek, and it felt like warm, salty air rolling off the ocean.
“You okay?” He placed his lips to my cheek.
I smiled.
Seth chuckled, and then his mouth was making its way to mine, and I opened for him. The edges of his hair tickled my cheeks as the kiss deepened. His fingers drifted down the front of my blouse and then they were sliding over the bare skin of my stomach. I wrapped my leg around his, and we were moving together on the bed. His lips were dancing all over my flushed skin as his hands slid down, fingers finding the button on my jeans.
A second later, there was a knock on my door and a booming voice. "Alexandria?”
Seth stilled above me, panting. “You have got to be freaking kidding me.”
Leon knocked again. “Alexandria, I know you’re in there.”
Dazed, I blinked several times. The room slowly came back into focus as did Seth’s disgruntled expression. I almost laughed, except I felt… off.
“You better answer him, angel, before he barges in here.”
I tried, but failed. I took a deep breath. “Yeah.” I cleared my throat. “Yeah, I’m in here.”
There was a pause. “Lucian is requesting your presence immediately.” Another gap of silence followed. “He is also requesting to see you, Seth.”
Seth frowned as the gleam is his eyes faded. “How in the world does he know I’m in here?”
“Leon… just knows.” I pushed at him weakly. “Get off.”
“I was trying to.” Seth rolled over, running his hands down his face.
I scowled at him and sat up. A wave of dizziness swept over me. My gaze moved from Seth to my curled hand. Slowly, I opened it. Glowing in iridescent blue was a glyph that was shaped like a staple. Both of my hands were marked.


Bonnie Ithil said...

Cat de mult m-a enervat Leon in primele carti acum il ador, a intrerupt pe cine trebuie macar de data asta :))=))...

CCAM said...

Mie imi place Leon. Imi inchipui ca lumea va fierbe bine pana la aparitia volumului DAR chinul cel mai mare sunt sigura ca va fi asteptarea vol 4/ Apollyon. Deity va pune sare pe rana, sunt convinsa si apoi vom sta la rotisor pana-n aprilie 2013!!!

Christyna_BM said...

hmmm, hmmmm Citez:

"I'm sure when people read Deity&Opal (it's the 3rd in both series) are going to want to kill me"

Am incheiat citatul. In caz ca nu v-ati prins sunt chiar vorbele lui nu stiu daca vreau sa o omor pe ea sau sa dau o spargere sa-i fru manuscrisele...dar oricum ceva bun nu-mi trece prin cap.

Mirela said...

daca omori autoarea nu mai afli sfarsitul....deci mai ramane spargerea =))

Si soarele e o stea

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