Saturday, March 31, 2012

Parerea mea ACCIDENTALLY MARRIED TO...A VAMPIRE? by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

“If you love her, set her free. If she comes back, she’s yours. If she doesn’t…Christ! Stubborn woman! Hunt her down, and bring her the hell back; she’s still yours according to vampire law.”
- Niccolo DiConti, General of the Vampire Queen’s Army.

THE DETERMINED VAMPIRE: Niccolo DiConti has faithfully served as leader of Her Majesty’s army for over a millennium, but he’d rather sunbathe in the Sahara than spend another grueling day under his demented queen’s command. However, no one has ever left her side and lived to tell. So when a powerful goddess prophesies he will meet his salvation—a human woman he must turn into a vampire with her consent—he eagerly rises to the challenge. After all, how hard could it be to seduce a human female into taking the immortal plunge? Harder than he thinks. Because his mate won’t be born for another three centuries, and when he wakes up in the goddess’ tomb, not only is his life a mess, but his destined female isn’t about to settle for a coldhearted vampire. Can he win her over before it’s too late? Not if his enemies have anything to do with it.

AN UNWILLING BRIDE: On the night Helena Strauss meets the fierce, devastatingly handsome vampire who saves her life in the jungles of Mexico, she knows her world will be forever changed. Because an attraction this mind blowing only comes along once in a lifetime—or existence. And when he claims she is his one true mate, destined to be his for all eternity, it’s a fairytale come true. So what if her knight in shining armor is a vampire? Nobody’s perfect. But discovering the powerful, overbearing immortal doesn’t “do love”? Deal breaker. Helena will flee and set out to accomplish the impossible…sever the otherworldly bond between them. And it turns out, Helena is just the leverage Niccolo’s enemies need to break the mighty warrior and wipe out his people.

Parerea mea:
Am ales cartea asta doar pentru că mi-a plăcut titlul (promitea ceva amuzant) şi coperta. Nu am fost dezamăgită.

Acțiunea nu e stupidă şi e pigmentată de umor şi amor :)).

Avem parte de nişte creaturi mai puțin întâlnite, cel puțin de mine, şi care sunt bine conturate de autoare.

Motivațiile şi deciziile personajelor sunt realiste / foarte posibile ceea ce îmi place foarte mult.

Personajele sunt haioase şi bineînțeles atrăgătoare. Personajul masculin principal este pus în unele situații în care reacțiile şi gândurile lui te fac să-ți descreteşti cu siguranță fruntea, nu că asta ar vrea el. Adaptarea la nou poate creea probleme dar şi râsete. Nu înțelegeți greşit! O singură privire de-a lui şi vă va pieri zâmbetul de pe buze. Sau orice privire a voastră către el... e bineînțeles frumos ca o cadră, masculin până la ultima celulă.

Autoarea se joacă apoi cu aşteptările noastre introducând încă un mascul apetisant. Apare competiția sau nu? Veți vedea voi.
Nu mai spun de personajele secundare care m-au dus cu gândul la scoțienii din „How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire” de Kerrelyn Sparks şi la un anumit personaj iubit de toți din seria Dark hunter de Sherrilyn Kenyon. Asta nu înseamnă că e o copie a celor două sau a altora. Idei poate folosite înainte sunt prezentate într-o lumină diferită şi stil nou, atrăgător, alert şi care sigur nu vă va lăsa să închideți cartea.

După cum v-am spus nu ştiam de cartea asta şi când am început s-o citesc am văzut că era volumul 2 din serie - The Accidentally – dar m-am amuzat prea mult ca s-o las din mână şi să încep, aşa cum ar fi (în general normal) cu volumul 1. Acum vă las pentru că mai am puțin şi termin Semne bune şi vreau să mă apuc de „Accidentally in Love with...a God?” (adică volumul #1).
“- You want to leave the queen’s employ? He nodded with an uncompromising stare. 
- Complicated. Unprecedented. Perfectly insane…I’m in!”

„- So. You in? Niccolo looked from side to side.
- In? In what?
- Yes. In. Are you onboard? Ready to throw down. Roll the dice. Ride that crazy cow called life and make her your bitch?
Niccolo frowned. Her colloquialisms were simply offensive. And this coming from a ruthless vampire.
-You are asking if I am committed. Sì?
-Siii. She rolled her eyes.”

“- Come, my handsome vampire. I have a few things I must do to prepare you. Then I’ll put you somewhere safe to await your bride.
- Oh—I know! She clapped excitedly.
- You can stay inside my piggy bank! And I’ll create a drama-tastic jungle intro to your lady! How about Romancing the Stone meets Apocalypto?”

As darkness descended, fear continued hammering on the cracks of her rational mind. Even the critters had decided to ratchet up the volume. Great. A creepy nature soundtrack for my own personal nightmare.
- How about some Tomb Raider music, people!”

“The corner of his mouth twitched with an arrogant smirk.
- You are my mate, sì?
- Mate?
Like, as in…first? Buddy? Other shoe? Niccolo took another small step forward, lightly pressing his body, and every hard part in between, against hers. Her body instantly responded with prickly goose bumps.
- Your mate, he said, then slowly bent his head to nuzzle her neck.
- Designed by fate and the universe to be your ideal companion in every way.”

“-And, let me compliment your fashionable attire, my friend. Is naked the new black?” said Rodrigo. Apparently, the two men could see each other. That figures; all monsters can see in dark.
-I am uncertain of what happened to the old black while I have been indisposed, Niccolo replied flatly.”

“- You’re hurt, she commented. And I care? Okay. It’s official. I’m my own species now: pathetic-deathwish-osaurus…I sooo hear extinction calling me.”

“He shoved the phone at her again.
-What does this do?
Hand shaking, she took it from him.
-Um. It’s called a Smartphone. You can talk to people or send messages. It’s got Internet too.
She pointed to a collection of funny looking symbols on the glossy surface. Inter-net. Is that used for some sort of fishing? And why is the phone called smart? Were prior ones stupid?”

“- Okay. Good point.
He’s very honest. I should ask how he is in bed. She slapped her hands over her mouth.
- I didn’t just say that out loud again, did I?
- Yes, you did.”

“- Any day now? Viktor prodded.
- Sì, sì. Do not get your… Niccolo paused to recall the exact phrase.
- Get your balls in a bunch.
Viktor shook his head.
- Panties.
Niccolo frowned.
- Why would you wear panties? Aren’t those for females?
Viktor growled.
- Can we go now?
- Yes, but I insist you tell me more about your man-panties later.”

“Cimil watched Helena disappear into the pawnshop.
- Ha! Did I tell you this was gonna be drama-tastic, or what? she said toward the roof of the car.
- Just wait ‘til you see what I have coming next! That vampire’s gonna be so jealous, his head’s going to spin like a Beyblade.”

“Wow! First vampires. Then gods. Now…vampire—gods? What’s next? Werewolves? Smurfs? Were-Smurfs?”


Rossana said...

M-a amuzat teribil ultimul citat :)))
were-smurfs :)))
M-ai facut curioasa si acum trebuie sa vad cum sa fac rost de ea :D

Bonnie Ithil said...

titlul e foarte amuzant si pot sa spun ca, asta da titlu care atrage... cred ca e o carte interesanta si citatele dar si ce am inteles din recenzie o dovedeste chiar mi-ar place sa o citesc :D

Cristina said...

Super citate! Mie mi-a placut: 'You're hurt, she commented. An I care? Okay. It's official. I'm my own species now: pathetic-deatwish-osaurus...
A fost prea tare.
Sunt de acord cu tine CCAM. Titlul este si un pic...mai mult comic.
Mersi de citate. Asa ne-am format si noi o parre

Simona Husaru said...

Doamne, deci chiar pare super amuzanta :)) Geniale citatele!
"Ride that crazy cow called life and make her your bitch? " :))) "tell me more about your man-panties later." =)) Deci chiar merita citita :))
Funny ca ai citit volumul 2 inaintea primului :)) Se mai intampla :D

CCAM said...

@Cristina - sa inteleg ca parerea mea n-a contact deloc, doar citatele? Glumesc... Oare? Mda, glumesc...
@Simona - am presupus (si cred ca bine)ca nu au o legatura directa; apoi a mers pentru ca nu am dat de nicio situatie in care sa fi fost necesara vreo informatie din primul volum

Christyna said...

:))) aaah si spuneai de mine ca ma supar mereu.
Cartea e foarte buna, nu cred ca are legatura cu prima, eu am scos toate citatele :))) asta asa ca sa ma laud ca am facut si eu ceva. Intr-o recenzie citatele sunt oferite ca "teaser" si importanta ar trebui sa fie de fapt parerea cititorului (in cazul in care are cineva chef sa o citeasca)=)). Of of...fiti pe faza pentru surprize zilele astea.

Cristina said...

Ehe...ce sa stiu daca a contat. Glumesc :)) Normal ca a contat, dar eu ma uit prima data la citate si dupa la parere si recenzie.
Atunci, multumim Christyna pentru citate :))

CCAM said...

considerati aici 3 emoticoane care scot limba! Nu alea suparate totusi! Asadar Cristina mea, cine ti-a pus in brate cartea???? pup

Cristina said...

:)) bine, bine redirectionam multumirile catre tine :)) si daca nu ma insel acele emoticoane se fac din :-P...asa sa scrii de acum :))

CCAM said...

aaa nu!! Multumirile pentru citate trebuie sa fie indreptate catre Cristina chiar daca de cele mai multe ori cadem de acord asupra lor si ni le servim reciproc la fiecare ocazie potrivita. De regula eu sunt prea lenesa sau prea prinsa de carte sa incep sa marchez citatele. Dar incerc, de exemplu Double dead era ca un arici de cate semne avea... totusi s-o ascult mereu pe Cristina e greu...:))))
Slabe sanse sa ma conving sa tin minte emoticoanele dar ma voi stradui pt voi

Cristina said...

E greu, dar ce sa-i faci? Oricum faceti o treba faorte buna in echipa :D
Macar dpua sau trei emoticoane poti tine minte. Trebuie sa te cobori la varsta noastra :))

Andreea said...

Felicitari pentru recenzie:*
Si eu as citi-o mai ales pentru titlu.Titlul te atrage.

Addicted said...

E interesanta cartea si chiar cred ca as citi-o daca as reusi in primul rand sa pun mana pe ea.

andra lavander said...

cartea mi se pare foarte draguta, de la titlu la citate, descriere si parerea lui CCAM

Cristinab said...

am citit citatele si m-au facut curioasa. sunt amuzante ;))
am gasit pe amazon primiele 2 capitole o s le citesc, si restul cartii.. o sa vad eu ;))

Laura Ștefoni said...

Nu am citit cartea, dar vreau neaparat sa o citesc. M-ai facut tare curioasa. Pare geniala. :)

Si soarele e o stea